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15 Anemia Symptoms to Never Ignore

Anemia is the world’s most common blood disorder. It affects about three million people in the US and over 1.6 billion people in the world. Here’s why it’s critical to know how to identify anemia symptoms. While anybody can develop anemia, it is most common in small children. Anemia can also affect some animals, including dogs and cats.

There are over 400 types of anemia. A patient with anemia, however, will always have an abnormally low number of red blood cells circulating through their body. In many cases, the patient will have a condition that is causing their body to break down red blood cells at an abnormally rapid rate or impairing their body’s ability to produce new red blood cells.

ANEMIA SYMPTOMS FALL INTO THREE CATEGORIES The different types of anemia fall into three broad categories:

Anemia caused by blood lossAnemia caused by the destruction of red blood cellsAnemic blood caused by a faulty production of red blood cellShare:
Blood loss can be chronic or acute. Conditions …

Researchers Reveal 14 Common Causes of Sciatic Nerve Pain

Many adults will suffer from sciatic nerve pain sometime during their lifetime. This important nerve has its roots deep in the spinal column and runs from the lower back, through the buttocks, to just below the knee. As the longest and widest nerve in the human body, the sciatic is important for free mobility.

Sciatic nerve pain, or sciatica, may initially be confused with general back pain, but the discomfort quickly distinguishes itself with pain that radiates down through the leg and even the feet.

The sciatic nerve controls muscles in the lower legs. It supplies feeling sensation to the skin of the lower leg and foot. Sciatic pain is a symptom of back issues which can often be addressed and alleviated without surgery with early diagnosis. So if you begin to experience discomfort, it’s a good idea to see your doctor for an accurate diagnosis.
Symptoms of sciatica include:
Lumbar, or lower back, painPain in the buttocks or one leg that grows worse when sittingHip painBurning o…

8 Skincare Mistakes That Are Making Your Pores Look Larger

Excess oil, dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria can clog pores and make them appear bigger. Taking care of your face is crucial, but sometimes you can become obsessed. Though, it turns out that too much care is not good and some of our daily beauty routines and habits harm our pores way more than any external factors could.

1. Frequent use of oil blotting papers Oil blotting paper can be a situation saver during hot days when our skin tends to get extra oily and sweaty. Though, using it over and over again will do more harm to your skin than good. In reality, a thin oil layer is necessary for your skin. By removing it constantly you force your skin to produce more of it. This leads to clogged pores and enlarges them.
2. Forcibly extracting blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples Yes, it can be really satisfying to pop pimples, but it should be done safely. There is bacteria on your skin and popping a pimple exposes a wound to this bacteria. If you force a pimple to pop that is not ready t…

Raw Honey + Coconut Oil & Cinnamon DIY Cough Drops that Will Save You a Trip to the Doctor’s

No one likes catching a cold or the flu, right? With this in mind, it is good to know how to avert these health problems and avoid the unpleasant symptoms like coughing, runny or stuffy nose, and fever. Most of us treat colds and the flu with over-the-counter meds prescribed by our physicians, however, the problem with these medications is that they are full of different chemicals that are harmful for our overall health.

With this in mind, it is a much better variant to put an end to the symptoms or prevent them by using homemade, natural cures. Below, you can check out the recipe for natural anti-cough drops which are easy to make and have a pleasant taste. Its ingredients will strengthen your immunity and speed up the healing process.

Homemade Anti-Cough DropsNeeded:

100 grams of honey, raw100 ml of coconut oilA pinch of Ceylon cinnamon

Put the coconut oil into a bowl and whip it to become frothy. Begin to gradually add the honey and continue with the whipping to get a f…

Why You May Get Cracked Heels and How to Fix Them Naturally

If you see cracks on your heels, you probably assume it’s because of dehydration or lack of moisture in your skin. However, in some cases, there could be other reasons why your skin is dry and peeling on your heels.
6 unobvious reasons why you may be getting cracks on your heels. And at the end of the article, you’ll find out about a foot soak that can help you get rid of this problem quickly.

6. Extra weightWhy:
Your feet carry the weight of your entire body. So when you gain extra weight, it increases the pressure on the fat pads under your heels. In this case, your heels are forced to expand sideways to support more weight. And if your skin lacks moisture, it gets cracks.

How to fix it:
You can calculate your ideal weight here — always keep it within the “normal” range. Also, take into account that diabetics tend to have cracked heels, so check your blood sugar level regularly.

5. Lack of vitaminsWhy:
Without some vital vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, your skin just…

7 Exercises From Orthopedists to Increase Arch Height and Reduce Foot Pain

Approximately 20–30% of the world’s population suffers from foot deformation. People who have it are under a higher risk for knee, hip, and back pain. If you’ve noticed that you have flat feet, some simple exercises can help you to fix this and avoid any possible future damage from this condition.
We at Bright Side have checked some doctor’s recommendations and want to share 7 exercises with you that are better to do 3 times a day. At the end of the article, you can find a bonus that’ll tell you how you can check your arch height.

1. Use a towel
Sit in a chair and put a towel under your foot.Start grasping the towel with your toes. Your heels should be pressed to the floor.Curl and release your toes and slowly pull the towel toward you.Do this with an awareness that the arch of your foot is being strengthened.Change feet and do the same exercise again.Do 2–3 sets of 10–15 repetitions.
2. Raise and scrunch
Place your towel on a step. Have a chair in front of you for support.Start …

21 Early Warning Signs that Cancer Is Growing in Your Body

Without doubt, and as pointed out on Mav Cure, it is crucial to be able to notice any abnormal changes taking place in our bodies because they may indicate some health problems, including cancer. When cancer is caught in the early phase, one has much higher chances of survival.

This being said, it is important to first learn the major symptoms of cancer and remember, you should never ignore them and wait for them to go away on their own, but instead, consult your physician as soon as possible!
Early Indicators of Cancer Growing in the BodySwelling in the facial area
Redness and swelling in the facial parts can indicate lung cancer. Namely, small lung cancer cells may be blocking the blood veins in the chest which in turn averts proper blood flow from the face and head.

Changes in the nails
Paler and whiter nails may be a sign of liver cancer whereas having black or brown dots underneath the nails may be a symptom of skin cancer. If the ends of the fingernails curve down over the…

Truth: Magnesium, Not Calcium, Is The Key To Healthy Strong Bones

We have been continually told that the consumption of foods rich in calcium will strengthen the bones, but the incidences of osteoporosis kept rising.  Now, however, scientists are claiming that excess calcium can, in fact, lea to inflammation in the body!

Studies show that calcium is the main cause of inflammatory diseases. One 12-year study that involved 78,000 nurses found that the more they consumed cow’s milk, the more bone fractures they experienced.
Countries where calcium and dairy are rarely consumed have the lowest rates of bone fractures.

Moreover, it is not just the intake of calcium that matters for the health of the bones, but its absorption in the body is also of high importance. It needs to be properly deposited into the bones, in order not to create calcium deposits throughout the body.

98% of it is found in our bones, 1% in our teeth and 1% in other body tissues, and calcium that is not deposited in the bones can lead to various medical conditions, such as


Cancerous moles: How to Get Rid of Moles on Skin

What is a mole? Have you heard of Cancerous moles? In spite of the ancient theory that moles are the beauty enhancer, we loathed the appearance of these small, dark brown spots at first sight. However, we all have few moles in our body which vary in colour and shape.

The flat black mole may not make us much worried, but if the moles are big and raised. its something annoying and harmful for our skin.

If you are cautious enough to remove it at first notice, some natural remedies can help you. Therefore to get rid of these unpleasant skin moles painlessly, keep reading this article about, Cancerous moles: How to Get Rid of Moles on Skin-

What is a mole? Moles are pigmented cells that appear on the skin surface in cluster or single. Colours may vary from dark brown to red, purple, black and even skin coloured.

According to Medical term, it is known as Melanocytes Nevus. The size is equal to a tip of a pencil eraser (6 mm approx) and may appear in oval or round shape.

Usually, skin moles…

Only a Glass of This Juice will Remove Clogged Arteries and Control Blood Pressure

How to unclog arteries quickly? Blocked arteries can cause major life-threatening issue and nowadays thousands of people have been facing this trouble. Arteries are said to be an important part of your body and it helps to control your blood pressure. If your arteries are clogged or in block condition then you may have a heart attack. Some people choose surgery and other expensive and heavy and painful operations for curing this.

Arteries can be clogged by a blood clot or plaque build-up that blocks your artery, which increases your bad cholesterol level and causes a heart attack. This situation is quite serious and you can’t ignore this just like that. Even many of you can detect this issue in an early stage.

Clogged Arteries Causes:
Excess smokingPoor eating habitsHeredityLess physical activity and obesity
Share: In this article, we are going to introduce you a very effective and miraculous drink or artery cleansing juice that will help to remove clogged arteries and control your blo…

Gout Treatment: How to Get rid of Gout Pain Attack

There are few things in human life that can compete with the pain of gout Whether it is a Richman’s diseases or the king’s disease, we all know that gout is not just a matter of laugh; it’s just more than anything. Over the past years, inflammation in joints due to gout has increased, and it has a deep link with our metabolic system and sudden changes in the diet plan. But if we ever face such a painful situation at midnight, what would be our immediate action to get relief? So we are here to explain few ways to deal with Gout Treatment: How to Get rid of Gout Pain Attack.

What is Gout: Gout is another form of arthritis where the joints get inflamed and started swelling. In most of the gout cases, it generally affects the feet and big toe, but in other types of gout, it can affect fingertips, knee joint and elbow.

Gout pain attack comes without any notification and can occur repeatedly. It damages the tissue slowly in the affected region. Both men and women can experience gout pain, …