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Against All Odds, Couple With Down Syndrome Celebrates 24-Years Wedding Anniversary

Nowadays, it seems much more difficult to attain happily ever after, and we witness divorces of people around us all the time, but we should not forget that true love always wins, love conquers all.

As people believe that people with Down’s Syndrome cannot take care of themselves, so traditionally, there have been great concerns about marriages between persons with Down syndrome.
Many experts maintain there are multiple advantages of such a partnership and marriage, which include having a close friend and companion with whom they could share a wide range of experiences and social learning, motivation and emotional development, language stimulation, the sharing of physical chores, greater activity in social and physical events, and a greater exploration of the environment.

The marriage of Maryanne and Tommy Pilling was the first one in the UK, and even though it was greeted with skepticism and even criticism, they proved everyone wrong.
They fell in love and got married in an Essex ch…

Prison In Indiana Accepts Shelter Cats And They Transform Prisoners Lives

Animals have true healing power, and animal lovers claim that the company of their pets drastically improves the quality of their lives.
Cats and dogs have been proven to help their owners battle anxiety and depression, improve mood, and lower blood pressure.
Therefore, in 2015, the state of Indiana coupled up with the Animal Protection League for an amazing project at the Pendleton Correctional Facility called F.O.R.W.A.R.D, which involved placing shelter cats in the correctional facility, to be taken care of by the inmates.
The idea proved to be great for both, the cats and the inmates. Cats got the care and love they deserve after years of maltreatment and started trusting in humans again.
These cats lack trust in people and have a lower chance of being adopted. What they need is patient and loving care that this program provides to them.
Michelle Rains, FORWARD spokeswoman, explained that cat duty is voluntary, so she interviews each applicant extensively to make sure he is…

Tourists Urged Not To Ride Elephants In Thailand As Horrific Images Emerge

Thailand is a popular touristic destination, visited by thousands of western tourists every year. Elephants are among the most common attractions, and tourists ride them, feed them, and watch them perform tricks.

However, Thailand authorities are warning tourists to end these practices, as this April, a user called Abang Da Balik, posted heartbreaking images of the beaten animals on Twitter, with a caption: “You can stop inhumanity tortured on elephants by stop riding an elephant!” and the post quickly went viral.

The pictures are believed to be from Phuket, one of the most popular vacation spots in Thailand, and the elephants showed in them have scars and blood dripping down their faces while their keepers hit them with metal hooks.

A spokesperson for the Tourism Authority of Thailand recently issued a statement claiming that they do not support tourists riding the animals and advised them not to support this business.

Asian elephants are an endangered species, and experts estimate …

High School Cross-Country Team Takes Lonely Shelter Dogs On Their Morning Runs

Not only the US, but the entire world faces a huge problem with animal overpopulation. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) reports that over 1.5 million (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats) are euthanized annually in the US.

The situation is a bit alleviates due to adopting shelter animals and sterilization, but the issue remains, so volunteers are in high demand in shelters all across the country.

Taking care of a dog is a very time-consuming task, so people in shelters cannot provide these puppies all the love and conditions they need. Time spent outside is invaluable for dogs, so dog owners know that it is their favorite time of the day.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for shelter dogs to enjoy even a quick jaunt outside?

Well, the cross country team at St Joseph High School joined up with the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter, so that the kids each take a dog with them out on their morning run.

These activities are beneficial for anyone involved, and the m…

Little Girl With Alopecia Rocks School’s ‘Crazy Hair Day’

Being able to accept reality even if it is cruel requires great strength and courage, and it is surely much more difficult when we are younger.

Yet, the 7-year old little hero Gianessa Wride from Salem, Utah, did it on Crazy Hair Day at school.
This amazing girl suffers from alopecia, an incurable medical condition that makes the hair fall in round patches and causes the immune system to attack the body’s hair follicles.

One day, as she was brushing her hair, her mother Daniella, a nurse, noticed her hair falling out, and soon, her daughter was completely bald. Daniella believes the condition was caused by immense stress from her grandmother’s death.

She was worried that kids at school would start bullying  Gianessa, and she would become insecure and wouldn’t fit. Fortunately, the little girl adjusted well and wore various hats and scarves instead of itchy wigs.

Yet, the two were very nervous for the Crazy Hair Day competition during Spirit Week, understandably, but this girl then th…

Eat More Purple Sweet Potatoes: They Protect The Brain, Liver And More

Purple sweet potatoes are abundant in numerous nutrients and their consumption boosts health in various ways. They are rich in antioxidants that support heart health, improve digestion, liver health, and cognitive function.

This colorful root vegetable (Ipomoea batatas L cultivar Ayamurasaki) gets its distinct color from compounds known as anthocyanins, that have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The origin of purple sweet potato traces back to South America, but since it is such a robust farming crop, its production has spanned the world, including Africa and China. Over time, different types have been developed including the Okinawan, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Stokes varieties.

Sweet potatoes with purple flesh are members of the same family as regular sweet potatoes, but they are richer in antioxidants.

Researchers have found that sweet potatoes have a low glycemic index, so they are easily digested. Due to the abundance of minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients, s…

Poodle Cats Are Unlike Any Cat You’ve Ever Seen In Your Life And You Will Love Their Fluffy Curls

Most people are cat lovers, and you might already have a feline or two at home. Although they all seem adorable and loving, some cats just seem to go off the charts as far as adorable is concerned, and one of those is the Selkirk Rex breed.

These cats originate in 1987, so they are a fairly new breed. These cats have curly, thick and beautiful hair, so they are known as poodle cats, and sometimes are noted as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The Selkirk Rex showed up in Montana, as a product of a feral cat that had five kittens. One of the kittens had longer, thicker and curlier hair than the rest, and it gave birth to six other kittens, three of which had thicker fluffy coats.

The special kitten caught the eye of breeder Jeri Newman who adopted the cat and named her Miss DePesto after the curly-haired character in the 1980s TV series ‘Moonlighting’.

Later, Newman bred the cat with a black Persian male, and Miss DePesto’s litter of six kittens featured three with straight hair and three w…