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The Shape Of Your Belly Button Reveals Everything About Your Personality

Scroll through below to find out what your belly button shape says about you!

Belly Button Shape #1: Long And Skinny

This belly button is long and narrow, and is probably fairly shallow.

Individuals with this navel shape are tough, bold, and always fight to be at the top of their game.

They’re true perfectionists, and hate situations where they feel out of control. While successful, these individuals might also be a bit anxious.

Belly Button Shape #2: Perfectly Round

If your belly button looks like a perfect circle, you’re someone who lives a balanced and open life without much turmoil.

You’re very down-t0-earth, and rarely let anything ruffle you. You’re deeply spiritual, but keep that side of your life to yourself.

At times, you can get a bit overwhelmed by the pace of things around you, and you prefer to live quietly outside of the fast lane.

Belly Button Shape #3: Oval

If you have a wide, deep oval for a belly button, there’s a good chance that you are at your happiest when you are guiding others.

You’re likely to find happiness as a teacher, a parent, a therapist, or a social worker.

You don’t ever crave the spotlight for yourself, but you like to push others to be their best selves. Some might describe you as bossy or controlling, while others see you as a strong guiding light and mentor.

Belly Button Shape #4: Flat

You have a barely-there belly button that makes a small, horizontal, half-moon shape or a T-shape at the top.

You’re idealistic, creative, and passionate — you love finding the beauty in the little things, and might have passion for the arts!

Still, you might struggle for a long time to settle down and find a path. That’s OK: you know life is about the journey, no matter how many twists and turns it takes.

Belly Button Shape #5: Outie

The rare outie belly button pushes out instead of in, and is pretty common in children. However, most grow out of it.

Adults who have an outie belly button might occasionally be described as immature, but it’s more likely that they just carry a strong youthful energy.

You’re the kind of person who will be described as “young at heart” even when you’re 95.

People with this navel shape are often athletic, and have a particular passion for team sports that can be enjoyed with friends.

Belly Button Shape #6: Hourglass

You have a long vertical belly button that pinches in on either side.

People with this belly button shape tend to have the “gift of gab.” You might find yourself working as a journalist, a salesperson, or an actor.

Though you’re known for being charming and having a way with words, you struggle with self-doubt and may need long periods of time away from other people to get your groove back.

Belly Button Shape #7: Bow Tie

Your belly button is a horizontal oval that’s slightly pinched in the middle.

You’re a clever and innovative thinker. You probably got excellent grades in school, especially in subjects like math and science.

You can sometimes be a bit dreamy, because you’re usually thinking a few steps ahead.

Socially, you’re quite introverted, preferring to spend time with a small group of people who understand your absentminded-professor ways!

Belly Button Shape #8: Pierced

If you have a pierced belly button, you are probably a little bit of a wild child — or you were one in the not-too-distant past.

You thrive on crowds, energy, and noise, and are happiest when surrounded by a big group of friends, laughing and collaborating to make something new!

You get lonely and a bit sad easily. You prefer to make sure your life is full of people all the time, and trust that those people love you exactly for who you are!

What kind of belly button do you have? Was your answer accurate?

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