9 Steps To Follow To Become A Happier Person

9 Steps    To    Follow    To    Become    A    Happier    Person
When people think about everything they need in their life, they think about being happy. Every person wants to be happy, to have the perfect job, to be in love, to go on the perfect vacation etc. All these things make us happy, which confirms that people are mostly concerned about their happiness.
Happiness is elusive state and different people from the past have tried to define it. It was proven that achieving happiness is not jumping from one joy to another, but in some cases can involve a considerable discomfort. In some cases money can make you happy, but on short term, the real happiness depends on your inner state. It is important to do small things to be happy: enjoy warm bath, eat ice-cream, finding purpose to your life and be sociable. Those things can reveal to you the real happiness and increase your satisfaction.

The Science of Happiness
People who are eager to discover more about the human brain are neuroscientists and they try to learn everything regarding its movement, feeling and thought. They are trying to learn more about depression and the want to try people to be happier. They were studying the reward center and they have discovered very small and maybe insignificant things that can be done on a daily basis and they can lead to happiness. In this article you will read 9 tips that will help you to discover happiness.

1. Talk about your feeling and problems

If you start talking about what makes you sad, stressed, depressed, worried or scared with someone you trust can make the problems look less terrifying. It is a simple thing that will release serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a transmitter that can help you to feel and be constructive and positive. This way you will feel like you have a complete control over the situation and you won’t be desperate and sad, you will feel powerful and prepared to solve the problem.

2. Start solving one problem at a time

This thing goes hand in hand with the first thing on this list. Our brain is designed to try and search for problems and all things that worry us. Every person who has spent the entire night thinking and worrying about something; whether their job or a simple present is aware about this. All of these problems accumulate and seem overwhelming and in the end even the smallest seems the unsolvable.

The solution is to talk with someone and after you’ve done that to try and solve one problem at a time. Once you make an important decision that will bring you success, the brain will reward itself with serotonin – which is going to calm the limbic system and you will be happier and have a decisive attitude. Begin with smaller problems and go on with the ones that trouble you the most.

3. Use “thank you”

It is proven that people who are grateful are happier than the pessimist. When you use Thank You on a regular basis and say it to the people that surround you, you will become more focused on everything that is positive in your life. All of these happy and positive memories will cause growth of serotonin that is going to replace the irritability and anxiety with optimism and joy. Appreciating and gratitude will help you to become more positive about everything in your life.

4. Try to learn something new each day

Your brain changes when you learn something new. Gaining knowledge can cause a constant adaptation to the environment which is changing. Your brain will change and it will develop and it is going to rewards itself with the happy neurotransmitter, called dopamine. It activated in the brain when you have sex, when the food you love comes, when you receive good news. Constant learning will bring you knowledge, new skills and you will feel accomplished and happy.

5. Hug people more often

For most people physical touch is very important. The brain can feel lack of embrace and touch just like it feels physical pain. If you are lonely and sad a big hug is worth more than million words said.

6. Feel the sun on your skin

The sun can give you amazing feeling of happiness and it can give you vitamin D as well. Vitamin D is very important for serotonin production and as you read serotonin can make you happy. The main way to get it is through the sun.

Getting a bright light in the eyes can also increase the production of serotonin in the brain and the sun is the best way to get it.

If you feel stressed, sad or anxious just go for a walk in the sun and relax.

7. Move more

Exercising is amazing for our health and for other reason as well. When the workout is done the brain is hit with endorphins. They are chemicals and they act like opiates on the brain. They can reduce the pain, improve the mood and make you feel food. Exercise for at least 15 minutes daily and you will see amazing changes.

8. Sleep well

If we do not get enough sleep, we become physically and mentally drained, because the levels or cortisol (the stress hormone) are becoming higher. Depression and insomnia go together and eventually they become a very big problem. You cannot sleep because you are stressed out and you cannot do things which in the end leads to more stress and depression. That is why you can practice yoga, take some supplements or herbs or use natural ways to sleep better.

9. Think about upcoming events and positive memories

It is important to have happy thoughts and think about things that have made you happy or something that you know it will make you happy. You have to think about the positive memories and concentrate on the good ones that are about to come.

It is important to learn how to be happy during the entire year and your entire life. Happiness is something you have to work on. Simple things can make you happier than you think and that happiness is going to last. Every person deserves to be happy and so do you.

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