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9 Signs That Your Partner Is Emotionally Destroying You: The Ninth Is The Vilest!

9 Signs That Your Partner Is Emotionally Destroying You: The Ninth Is The Vilest!
Emotional abuse in relationships can leave you much bigger scars than the physical abuse. The worst thing is that in most of the cases, it is impossible to “escape” of this kind of relationship. In many cases most people cannot determine with certainty whether their partner is emotionally abusing them or not. Therefore to help you, in this article, we will show you nine characters that should help you “open your eyes”.

Frequent mood swings

Is your partner having frequent mood swings? At one point he is sweet and he gives you all the attention you want and need, and then immediately afterwards, he starts yelling at you because you did something that did not suit him. In most of the cases these frequent mood swings indicate an unbalanced person.

This person usually empties his frustrations on someone else. Relationships that constantly alternate between bursts of tenderness to repentant words of apology has little chance to survive in the future. Therefore if you notice this kind of behavior in your partner make sure that you get out of that relationship on time!


Is your partner trying to limit your contact with your family and friends, just because he thinks that they are too involved in your relationship? If so then you need to get out of this relationship immediately!  You should not allow that at any price! You should not be apart from your family, because in that case, you will be unprotected and an easy target for his mistreatment.


In most of the cases the emotionally abusive partner is not only jealous of your friends and family, but he is also jealous of your dreams, ambitions and targeted objectives. Namely, often he even gets angry of the thought that you can manage to live without him in your life. At this point you should remember that, if he truly loves you, he will never refuse you the chance to be happy.

Frequent quarrels and tantrums

If you and your partner are fighting every day, that relationship is not going anywhere. Especially when all the little fights end up in major fights. In such relationship, usually your partner usually convinces you that it is your fault for not having “peace at home”. In many cases this emotional abuse turns into physical abuse. If this is the case with you, then you need to tell someone immediately and break the relationship as soon as possible.

It makes you nervous

In most of the emotionally abusive relationships, one partner is superior. Many times he will use physical violence in order to get what he wants. Therefore if you are scared of your partner that you need to break that relationship right away.

He constantly belittles you

You don’t have to always support your partner. If nothing is ever good enough for your partner, than maybe you two are not meant to be together at all. The point is to not let him belittle you. Learn to appreciate yourself for what you are and what you are achieving, without his support, of course.

You patronize him all the time

You want to make your partner happy and there is nothing wrong in doing that, but only if he makes you happy as well. If only you are trying your best to make him happy and he doesn’t do nothing in return, then it is time for you to move on and leave him.

You feel like a prisoner

You should not be in a relationship where you feel like a prisoner. Namely, in such relationship, your partner will try to control all aspects of your life, including checking your mail, text messages or with who you spend your free time.

Therefore if this is your case, do not think twice, break the relationship immediately. The only thing you are going to lose by ending such relationship are the “chains”.

He has convinced you that the problem is in you

After being in an emotionally abusive relationship for years, you start to believe that the problem is in you and that you are the reason for every fight. At this point you believe that it’s your fault that he behaves the way he does.

However, you must not give up! This is only a manipulative tactic! You need to wake up and end this relationship right away, because you deserve much better.