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You Will Not Be Able To Believe What You Will Achieve By Combining The Lemon With The Clove

You Will Not Be Able To Believe What You Will Achieve By Combining The Lemon With The Clove
If you get tired of going to the market in search of an insecticide and not having positive results or want to preserve the health of your children and prefer not to buy these products made with chemicals, we present this effective natural repellent to fight mosquitoes, a super homemade remedy effective for you to free your house from these bugs.

Only two natural ingredients are enough to make a powerful repellent: it is lemon and clove, which combined achieve magnificent results that you had never imagined.

Both one and the other, lemon and clove, are known for their high effectiveness when it comes to combating different types of diseases.  However, surely nobody told you that by combining and using them together, you can make one of the most effective repellents to take mosquitoes, flies and other kinds of insects out of your home.

The best of all is that it is a home remedy equal or more effective than those made on the basis of chemicals but unlike these, this is a 100% natural solution that does not cause unpleasant odors or is harmful or toxic to health as are traditional insecticides.

By combining lemon and cloves you will gain time and money, since it is extremely economical without resigning effectiveness.

Recipe to make the mosquito repellent

* Several lemons
* Clove

Cut three or four lemons in half and place these halves face up, then apply between 15 and 20 cloves in each half of cut lemon.

Once this is done, deposit each half of lemon in places where you see more mosquitoes or flies.  The results are incredible. The smell of these elements is going to make them run away from your home!
The benefits of this homemade lemon and clove home trick are the following:
* It has the power to repel insects, which cannot stand citrus odors.
* It is completely natural and does not contain substances that can be harmful to health.
* It is economical and easy to prepare.