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This Is The Best Way To Dye Hair Totally Natural. Final Results Will SURPRISE You !

Grey hair is a synonym for old age, with people looking for different ways to keep their hair color. No one likes to find grey hairs which ruin your appearance and make you look older, which is why everyone is trying to cover the problem with hair dyes.

And they do work temporarily, but the problem is that most hair dyes are full of chemicals that cause more harm than good. They can cause allergies and hair breakage, and besides the irritating effect, hair dyes have been proven to have carcinogenic properties.
dye hair

This is why you should turn to natural remedies that will cover the grey hair on your head and are completely safe for use. People have been using indigo, henna and turmeric to dye their hair since ancient times. Continue reading below to see how to prepare your own hair dye at home.


● 8 cloves

● 1 tablespoon of black tea

● 2 cups of distilled water

● 1/3 a cup of walnut shells


Put the water in a pot, and then add the ingredients once it starts to boil and simmer for another 20 minutes. In the end, remove the pot from heat, let the mixture cool down than strain it. Use the mixture as a simple hair regenerator – apply it on your hair after you have washed it and leave it to dry. Repeat the process every day until you reach the desired hair color.


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