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Before we begin this article you must know that this is a real life story that was sent to us by one of our viewers. This story is a warning to all women! Read this article for more information.

According to our viewer, a friend of hers not while ago had some kind of growth in her womb and thereby she underwent a surgery for a cyst removal. As soon as she woke up from the surgery she learned that the cyst was filled with dark colored blood.

This woman though that after the surgery she will recover really fast. However she was feeling sick and was in pretty bad shape.

A few months after the surgery she went to see her gynecologist for a consultation. She was very surprised when the doctor started asking her some strange questions. Namely the doctor asked her if she often consumes chicken wings. She said yes, and was really intrigued how the doctor knew her habits.

According to many experts from all around the world chickens are injected with steroids in order to accelerate their growth so that the needs of the society can be met. This is truly the need for food.

At this point you need to know that these chickens are injected with steroids in the neck or in the wings, which means that in these parts of chickens are the highest concentration of the steroids.

Another thing you must know about these steroids is that they have terrible effects on the body. Namely they accelerate its growth. In addition you need to know that these steroids have even more dangerous effect on women. These steroids can cause changes in your hormones and this situation can lead to women being more prone to cyst growth in the womb and the breasts.


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