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Just One Ingredient With Gargle For Beautiful Teeth!

Many people nowadays think that having a great smile can be a real “social asset”. The whiteness of the teeth is what most people want to change about their smile, so that’s why there are so many products for teeth whitening on the market today.

Most of these products are pretty expensive. They also take a long time to show results, sometimes even fail to do so.
teeth and ACV

So, why would you spend so much time and money when there is a better natural solution? Apple cider vinegar will provide you incredible results in teeth whitening!

ACV is a byproduct of apple fermentation. It is rich in essential minerals, pectin and enzymes. It functions on 2 levels in oral care: eliminates the stains and whitens your teeth, and kills all the bacteria in your mouth which is causing bad breath.

How is ACV good for teeth whitening?

It acts as a potent cleansing agent with only a mild action, removes stains, kills bacteria in gums and mouth and whitens the teeth.

How to use it?

Put half a teaspoon of ACV in a cup of water. Stir to dilute it and gargle with the solution every morning. After that, brush the teeth as you usually do.

Shake the bottle before using apple cider vinegar, because its essential compounds are at the bottom.

ACV is highly acidic and it can damage your teeth, so make sure you always dilute it with water!