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Do You Realize What You Have Eaten When Cooking Food In Aluminum Foil?

Many people, maybe even you use aluminum foil to prepare their meals without knowing that they are doing something wrong. This method of preparation of food is certainly convenient, but it was related to many serious health issues and affects the health on many levels.

Aluminum is a natural toxic element and you definitely should not use it close to your food. If you are already using this cooking trick, quit it right away.
aluminum foil

Poisoning with Aluminum
If you’re overexposed to aluminum, it will load your body with harmful toxins. Our body is made in a way that allows it to cleanse the toxins on its own. But , the human body has a certain capacity. Specialists from the Mount Sinai Hospital claim that aluminum has a tendency to buildup in the body and lead to harmful aluminum poisoning.

This is a serious health condition that triggers skeletal system pain and aches, muscle cramps and weakness, confusion and attacks and seizures. Children excessively exposed to aluminum experience problems with their growth and development.

This type of poisoning was also linked to respiratory problems, anemia and nervous system disorders. According to several scientific studies, exposure to aluminum can lead to defects and deformations in fetuses. This is definitely a product you should avoid.

Aluminum is Used a Lot These Days
Aluminum can be found in our planet’s outer layer. Our body doesn’t need any amount of aluminum in order to function properly, yet this potentially toxic metal is found in many foods, pharmaceutical drugs like vitamin supplements, aspirin and other prescription and OTC drugs.

In other words, we are at higher risk of developing aluminum poisoning today than ever before. This metal is also used in foods and dishes we consume on a daily basis.

If you like preparing food with the help of aluminum foil, you should remember that this metal enters the vegetables and meat you prepare and penetrates every body part once we consume these foods. Poisoning with aluminum is frequent in individuals who spend their days in workplaces where they are exposed to high levels of aluminum.

How to Keep Ourselves Safe from Aluminum Poisoning?
Our bodies can remove only limited quantity of aluminum. That’s why we should avoid this metal as much as we can. So, start this process by introducing new cooking tricks and hacks and consume foods that are free of aluminum. Try to use cast iron kitchenware instead of aluminum.

You can also quit cooking your meals in aluminum foil. Eliminate pre-packed and processed foods from your menu too because these foods rely on aluminum as an additive and preservative.

Always choose organic and raw foods. It will help you lower the chances of experiencing aluminum poisoning.