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You Have Bad Hearing Here Is One Natural Remedy Which You Must Try, Few Drops Are The Solution Of This Problem!

There are many pharmaceutical and traditional remedies in which garlic is one of the ingredients as this plant is remarkably efficient and natural solution.

At Sicily people consider that garlic is remedy for each disease. It is interesting that they use garlic in order to treat hearing problems. The recipe is following:
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Take several garlic cloves and some olive oil. First crumple the garlic cloves a little bit in order to get the juice and mix it with the olive oil. Next step is to apply 3-4 drops of this combination in your ear. After that just put some piece of gauze or cotton in your ear.

Garlic and onion juice are considered that are great mixture that is able to return the hearing.

It is recommended to prepare a mixture of 30ml garlic and 30 ml of onion juice and consume it every day. We guarantee that you will be amazed by the results!