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High blood pressure is known as the disease of the modern age. High blood pressure is known as the disease of the modern age. It is associated with increased stress, lack of sleep, obesity, salty food, smoking and increased alcohol consumption. Everyone has those moments when they have high blood pressure.

Stress or excessive physical activity, muscles straining, and blood vessels constrict can all make your blood pressure grow. What should we do to get the pressure back to normal? We should definitely relax the muscles. But how?
blood pressure

Doctor Lu Huns, of the Moscow football club “Spartak”, reveals the secret of Chinese medicine. Here’s how it goes!

How to reduce high blood pressure in 5 minutes without any drugs?

Point No.1
This is line, not a point. It goes behind the earlobe to the middle of the clavicle. You don’t need to press or massage this line. You just need to pamper it very slowly with almost unnoticeable movement of the hand from top to bottom, barely touching with the tips of the fingers. Repeat this 10 times on one side, then 10 times on the other side.

Point No. 2
This point is located on part of the face at the earlobe at a distance of half a centimeter for the ear in the direction towards the nose.

You should massage it with the fingertips for about 1 minute on each side of the face. Push hard, but to the point that you feel pain. It doesn’t matter if it’s clockwise or not. It is important that you feel pressure to a certain point.

After this simple treatment, your blood pressure will return to normal!

Lu Huns claims that proper blood flow is extremely important!

According to Chinese medicine, the most important thing is proper blood flow to the muscles and tissues. If there’s a stagnation of blood somewhere in the body, then the development of certain diseases starts at that precise point and vice versa, if you ensure adequate blood flow, your body will be able to cure the disease quickly. That’s why massaging key points helps healing.


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