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The Whole World Celebrates: Cuban Doctors Achieve Cure for Vitiligo

There are many people from all around who suffer from this vicious disease. This illness up until now had no cure, but finally the drug is discovered.

Vitiligo, also known as leucoderma, is health issue in which the loss of skin color in blotches is very progressive. According to statistical data and many recent studies, this disease affects about 1% of the world population. In addition to that, it was found that it is not identified distinctions of sex, age, latitude geographical or race.

Cheri Lindsay at the age of 25, and Phillip Lindsay who is 52 years old, who suffer from this rare skin condition, for the purpose of this article, shared their incredible story.

Namely, the great news for all people who are suffering from this skin condition, come from Cuba. It is amazing that doctors in Cuba discovered a cure for this vicious disease. The main feature of this cure is depigmentation of skin areas, particularlyin the face, limbs or genital area.

This disease affect parts, or more precisely skin areas of the human body, in particular the skin on face, but also the genital areas or the limbs. Unfortunately this disease is able to spread really fast throughout the skin and de-pigment it almost completely.

It is important to mention that this issue happens as a result of destruction of melanocytes, which are cells that are responsible for producing melanin. Melanin actually is the pigment that gives color to human skin.

Medical experts from Cuba managed to find a cure for this disease. Moreover, they developed a full treatment for this disease.

First of all, in order to begin with this treatment you need to consult the International Clinical Service and you need to stay in Cuba for minimum 3 days.

Namely, you can consult the medical stuff every day from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm. It is important to mention that the price of this treatment is 120.00 CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos). Next step for the purpose of this treatment is to take a biopsy result of the skin. This biopsy test can be performed in the center for a price of 150.00 CUC. Another important information is that you don’t have to stay in the hospital as patient, you can stay in hotel, as the treatment itself is ambulatory.

Each treatment session costs 40.00 CUC. Also, for the purpose of this treatment you do not have to make a reservation for each session, as the patients are treated in order of arrival at Histotherapy Center located at Calle 18 No. 4302 corner to 43. Miramar, Playa, Havana, Cuba.

After several sessions, the patient can return home and continue with the treatment there.

In order to perform the home treatment you will have to take the prescribed amount of drugs in order to finish this treatment. The amount depends on the degree of extension of the disease on the body surface. The medicine that is used for treating this disease is Melagenina Plus and each bottle costs 36.00 CUC.

Also, it is important to mention that this drug is not sold freely. So, in order to buy this drug, first you need to undergo a prior medical examination and you should get a prescription by the Centre. The price of this treatment includes consultation and 3 treatment sessions.

The drug: Melagenina Plus

This medicine is an alcoholic extract of human placenta. Although this sounds quite strange and disgusting, this medicine is able to increase production of melanocytes. This actually is excellent for the treatment itself. Moreover, this drug has the ability to accelerate the process of melanin production in these cells.


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