There are numerous effective anti-wrinkle creams sold on the market, but they are usually very expensive and not everyone can afford them. However, there are other, more affordable and natural remedies for treatment of crow’s feet and wrinkles. One such remedy is Vaseline.

Hence, numerous celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Marylyn Monroe used Vaseline to prevent and treat wrinkles and crow’s feet.

The main reason for the appearance of wrinkles is dry skin. Dermatologists recommend that people with dry skin should apply moisturizer on a regular basis in order to maintain the skin hydrated and prevent wrinkles. Vaseline petroleum jelly prevents wrinkles by keeping the skin soft and elastic. Hence, dry skin often leads to fine lines and sagginess of the skin.

Why is Vaseline good for wrinkles?
Vaseline is usually used as a balm for chapped lips. However, it is also very good for the facial skin and eye wrinkles due to its high molecular weight which creates an impenetrable film on the skin. In this way, it prevents the entering of toxins from the environment and moisturizes the skin.

Since Vaseline moisturizes the skin, it is excellent for wrinkles by trapping the moisture in and preventing its loss. Moreover, Vaseline maintains the skin’s elasticity. Additionally, it has anti-aging properties and it can plump up dry wrinkles. Apply it onto the affected areas frequently to remove wrinkles. In this way, the skin won’t dry easily and Vaseline will smooth your lines. You can get rid of lip lines if you apply Vaseline on your lips.

Can Vaseline help with furrows and deep wrinkles?
These wrinkles are the most difficult ones to remove. Petroleum jelly can reduce them, but not erase them completely. Nevertheless, it is good to use it as it will prevent worsening of the lines. Apply Vaseline onto the affected areas twice per day.

Does Vaseline prevent wrinkles?
Wrinkles are a normal part of the aging process. However, applying Vaseline on a regular basis will allow you to prevent early wrinkling. What’s more, when applied on a damp skin, it will maintain the moisture and make the wrinkles less visible. Vaseline cannot prevent wrinkles in this way, but it can only decrease their visibility.

Apply Vaseline on your face every night to use its anti-aging properties. Your skin will be properly moisturized and hydrated. Remember to apply Vaseline while the skin is still damp because in this way the moisture is kept inside the skin, making the skin look softer and younger.

Vaseline for eye wrinkles
This type of wrinkles can be easily erased if you apply Vaseline onto the affected areas. Always clean the area under the eyes before you apply jelly. The best time for applying Vaseline is before going to bed.

Be careful when you apply Vaseline around the eyes and be sure to avoid eye contact. Otherwise, Vaseline is completely safe for the lips, the facial skin, the hands, and in general, the whole body. Vaseline is consisted of ceresin, mineral oil, alcohol, lanolin, etc.