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Natural Remedies To Combat And Eliminate Leg Edema

Edemas are frequently known as swelling, the same are considered an accumulation of fluid in a tissue of our body.

This accumulation has several causes, among which the most common is kidney failure, unless we have a proper functioning of our renal system and not urinate enough, it is very likely that this is reflected in our legs with the formation of enemas, these edemas can be painful, they can grow both irritating beyond belief our skin

In this post we will discuss the concerning leg edemas natural remedies, as these are the most common, other edemas which are well known but are not very complex and involve operations as is the case of hydrocephalus.

Remedies to combat and eliminate edemas 

Among the most effective and used for remedies edemas predominate bathrooms, as they address the problem of a topical form, and is easier to use and practice. The same when topically improve circulation eliminate the accumulation of fluid in the tissues, and help stop partially or totally the pain and discomfort of edema

Bathrooms mint


● Half a cup of mint
● A liter of water


In a bowl we put water in it we take half cup of mint, took the stove and boil for 10 minutes, then boil it, waited 5 or 10 minutes the mixture cool slightly and pass it by legs or where this localized edema.

Water showers cold
This is undoubtedly the easiest of all the remedies that could be found throughout our search, because it does not involve the use of any external element, and I think this ace say that water is an element with which the most people have in their Hoga, this remedy has to take a cold shower in the place where we have edema in the case of legs good take cold shower taking foot as a starting point, this will relieve the pain and will a similar effect shower mint, but perhaps not as effectively because you lack properties containing mint.

Note: We recommend that these remedies and recipes the use of an auxiliary, not as the basis for their health, should visit a doctor and in the same present remedies and recipes they plan to use for the same thing a good seen, also encourage them in every illness and adversity persistence and faith is essential to achieve health