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How to Find the Best Natural Remedy to Cure Frozen Shoulder

It is important to know that frozen shoulder generally affect to people with average of age from forty until sixty years old. Frozen shoulder is characterized by stiffness and pain in the shoulder with limited of movement.


This health problem can be caused by various factors such as: shoulder injury, auto immune diseases and dehydration. Commonly, patient who gets risk of frozen shoulder is people who get experience with stroke, heart diseases and diabetic.

Frozen shoulder is developing in the three stages, includes:

–  First stage, painful – severe shoulder pain

–  Second stage, frozen – inability in shoulder movement

–  Third stage, thawing – final stage of frozen shoulder

This frozen shoulder could be treated in natural way with suggestion remedies below:

–  Place some mustard oil and crushed garlic clove in the pan

–  Remove pan as soon as possible after garlic turn into brown and allow oil to make it cooling down fast

–  Using this pain reliever oil and massage this remedy in the shoulder

–  Repeat this massage for three – six times in a day

–  Heat pack is great technique for the result

–  Put the heat packing on painful shoulder and let it for fifteen minutes

–  Dip black seed in the water and let it for one night. Then, consume in the morning time as acupuncture mixture

–  Do stretching workout on your shoulder

–  Stretching arms to increase shoulder in movement ability

–  It is recommended to practice yoga as good alternative exercise

–  It should be get more health beneficial for shoulder with drinking a lot of mineral or fresh water because frozen shoulder can be result from liquid deficiency

–  Consume healthy, fresh and un-processed foods in diet program include healthy oil to lubricate painful shoulder. It is recommended to eat more spices, vegetables, soups and herbs to relieve more inflammation process

–  Avoid fried food and fatty foods because it can be worse condition from foods with contain high sodium and fat.


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