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Florida Study Discovers Anticancer Properties In The Papaya Leaf

Papaya is not only a vibrant orange fruit, but also an absolute favorite in the world of alternative medicine due to its newly discovered powers.

Papaya fights cancer
Although it cannot be referred to as a cure, papaya leaves have shown to slow cancer growth. Researchers from the University of Florida have conducted a study according to which the extract from papaya leaves has huge impact on lab-grown tumors. They revealed its potential to slow malignant tumor growth. It was also shown that the extract causes no side effects, unlike chemo.

10 of the most common types of cancer were exposed to the extract. Slower growth was noticed in cervix, breast, liver, lung, pancreatic and every other type they examined. Moreover, higher doses provided greater anticancer effect.

This is excellent news for cancer patients, and everyone concerned with the disease. The worst thing is that the number of these people keeps going up. People are willing to spend a fortune in order to cure themselves, but it seems like there is no such a thing as cure for cancer. Yet.

Could it be that the green juice made from papaya can actually cure cancer? Is that the solution to the modern agony? Alternative medicine may have the key to this matter.

Papaya leaf extract and TH1-Type cytokines
In the world of medicine, Th1-type cytokines are known as hormonal messengers that are held as responsible for the biological effect of the immune protection. Papaya leaf extract stimulates the production of these molecules, and provides a stronger and more powerful immune system.

Other healing powers of papaya leaf extract

● Provides more energy and vitality, and thus revitalizes the organism

● Improves cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health

● Prevents the occurrence of cataract

● Relieves inflammation

● Relieves nausea and constipation

● Normalizes blood sugar

Papaya leaf extract and dengue
Dengue fever, also referred to as breakbone fever, is a tropical disease caused by mosquitoes, or the dengue virus to be more accurate. Fever, headache, muscle pain, joint pain and rashes that resemble measles are just some of the symptoms of this ailment.

Sometimes the fever can turn into life-threatening dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome with small number of blood platelets.

Papaya leaf extract contains papain and chymopapain, the two main compounds that increase and normalize blood platelets. This is why the extract has been used in the treatment of dengue fever for years.

Add papaya leaf extract to your fresh juices
The extract is available in a form of supplement, and you can always add the extract to your favorite fresh juices. Remember, the extract has bitter taste, but fruit juices can easily make it more delicious.

Make sure you consult your doctor before you use the extract. In that way you will prevent any potential conflict with the medications you take, if there are any of course. Papaya leaf extract is not recommended to pregnant women and nursing moms.

Although its properties are part of a huge reveal, this sure requires further testing and studies.