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10 Signs Your Body Immediately Needs More Water That People Constantly Miss!

Both, medical experts and nutritionists say that in order human body to function properly, it is essential to drink large amounts of water, on daily basis. The reason for that is that the body contains 70% water. Namely, it is advisable to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water per a day. The problem is that only few people are doing that.

On average, people drink 2 cups and that is the reason why many healthy problems occur. People lose water through urinating, sweating and even through breathing. The following signs are they way on which your body is trying to alert you that it needs more water:

Patients that are not well-hydrated, have issues with tiredness, energy drop and fatigue. Many people when are feeling down with energy they drink a cup of coffee. Still, instead of that you need to drink a glass of water. It is important to remember that coffee actually is dehydrating your body even more!

If you are not consuming enough water, severe headache may occur. The reason for that is because the body is drawing the moisture from your brain tissue and it will make it shrink and it will pull it away from the skull. If the lack of water affects your blood volume the headache will be even more severe as the oxygen flow to the brain is reduced.

Thirst and dry mouth
In case your mouth is dry and you are feeling thirsty, you should know that it is certain sing that your body is trying to send you.

Poor immunity
When people are dehydrated there are more toxins in the blood and that actually is affecting the immune system. In order to fight against infections and viruses human body need to be well-hydrated.

Joint pain
In order to slide over each, the joints need water. Namely, water lubricates the joints. If some person lacks of water, the cartilage will be damaged. Therefore, joint pain should not be ignored, and if have issues with your joints you should immediately increase your water intake!

When you are dehydrated, your body is drawing out water from every tissue including the colon. So, if you are lacking water, constipation might occur. It is important to know that your stool should be soft and easy-to-pass, and in case your stool is such that then you are healthy and you are well-hydrated. On the other hand, harder stools should worry you. In order to prevent constipation it is important to increase the water intake and to consume foods high in fiber.

Reduced urination
In a period of 24 hours, healthy person should urinate 6 to 7 times. That actually is indicator that you are healthy. Lack of water will reduce your need for urination and the reason for that is that the kidneys are keeping the water as much as they can in order to prevent the body from complete dehydration. In case you notice that you urinate less 6 times daily, your body is trying to alert you that you need more water!

Hunger and weight gain
Human body sometimes has issues to make the difference between hunger and thirst. In some cases the hypothalamus gets confused and instead of drinking water you think that you are hungry and you eat. The result of that is weight gain. Namely, the hypothalamus has the role to regulate hunger and thirst and if you are feeling hungry, first you should drink a glass of water. If after 15 – 20 minutes you are still hungry, then you should eat.

Dry and wrinkled skin
Experts explain that irritated, inflamed, itching or sensitive skin can be caused by dehydration. There are many women who are spending lot of money for creams and solutions with intention to prevent and reduce wrinkles and to make their skin smoother. They definitely should stop doing that and should increase the water intake.

Dark urine
Dark urine is another indicator that human body lacks water. According to experts, it is one of first indicators that you are dehydrated. Healthy individuals have light yellow urine. Still, it is important to mention that at some people dark urine is caused by certain medications, food coloring, blackberries, asparagus, B vitamins and more. However, you need to drink plenty of water for a few days after noticing dark urine. If your urine is still dark after drinking plenty amounts of water, you should visit medical expert immediately. It is possible that you are dealing with more severe health issue.