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Natural Spice For Losing Abdominal Fats Even When You Are Sitting Reading A Book

Have you ever thought of burning calories even when you are sitting and reading your book? Here is a recipe of honey and cinnamon that is perfect for the lazy girl who wants to shed extra pounds without working out on the treadmill.

The two ingredients, honey and cinnamon are well known for their healing benefits. But they can also help you in losing weight by increasing your metabolic rate. This amazing weight loss recipe can be prepared by anyone. It’s easy to prepare and works even when you are sitting and resting.
cinnamon drink


● Honey – 2 tbsp
● Cinnamon – 1 tbsp
● Water – 1 cup

How to Prepare?

● Boil the water and pour it over cinnamon
● Wait for some time and let it cool
● Add honey when it cools down
● Take the drink before going to bed and when you wake up. Store it in the fridge.

How Cinnamon Helps with weight Loss

Cinnamon is a wonder food when it comes to losing weight.

1. It Controls Insulin
The spice has an unmatched property – imitating the function of insulin. Increased blood sugar levels can increase fat deposits in the body, making it difficult for you to lose weight. But cinnamon helps in regulating blood sugar levels and prevents further deposition of excess fat.

2. Cinnamon Speeds up Metabolism
The spice changes the metabolism of carbohydrates. Your body will be able to make proper use of stored carbs, preventing them from turning into excess fat. When you take cinnamon, it will increase your metabolic rate because the spice requires more energy to be digested.

3. Cinnamon Reduces LDL Cholesterol
Numerous studies show that cinnamon is beneficial in lowering LDL cholesterol. This can benefit your heart. When diabetic patients were tested with regular intake of cinnamon in their food, they showed reduced levels of bad cholesterol and weight loss indicators.

4. Burning Belly Fat
A unique thing about cinnamon is that it has been found to affect the fat in the abdomen more than in any other part in the body. Most people spend years exercising and eating all kinds of diet to breakdown belly fat without much success. If you have also struggled with the same, this cinnamon and honey recipe will help you burn that extra fat.

Studies show that abdominal fat is harmful for your organs. This is because unlike the fat around your thighs and hips, this fat surrounds your vital organs. Take this recipe regularly and get rid of the harmful fats even you are reading your favorite novel.



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