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How to tighten skin naturally. You Never Need Botox Or plastic surgery

In this article you will learn key tips on how to tighten skin naturally.  You’ll be able to stop the advance of aging on your skin and look younger and radiant. Sagging is a symptom that occurs over time. Our skin loses elasticity and collagen as the years pass.

Having a strong and healthy skin, often it depends on our lifestyle, a proper diet and genetic factors.

Note that, if you’re looking for tighten skin naturally, only be possible with a little effort and patience. These simple tricks that will explain you then you will also be very helpful.
tighten skin

Exercise, hydration and massage to tighten skin naturally.

FACIAL EXERCISES: Working the muscles of the face can tone the skin preventing its loss or sagging. Also, you get improve blood circulation, help remove toxins and give better tone to the skin. We may delay the development of wrinkles and fine lines. Also prevent swelling in common areas such as the area around the eyes.

DRINKING WATER REQUIRED AMOUNT:  Proper hydration is the basis for a protected skin damaging agents. Hence the importance of staying hydrated and this will get drinking 2 liters of water daily.

MASSAGE OF ALOE VERA (ALOE):  Massage your face and neck with aloe vera . Moisturize and firm the skin of the face is the best natural ingredient to reduce wrinkles and leave the skin smooth and firm.

Home treatments


To make this homemade mask only two ingredients are needed: Egg white and few drops of lemon. Place the lemon in the clear, lightly beat until frothy and place on the face and neck for about 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Add half a tablespoon of baking soda a few drops of water and mix to a paste. With it conduct a gentle massage on the face. After 15 minutes rinse with water. This is an excellent natural exfoliant and as such help loosen dead cells from the face.

Astringent Lotion
Applying astringent on your face daily will get a soft and smooth skin. Mixing lemon juice, nectar, rosemary and witch hazel obtain a simple and effective astringent to tighten skin naturally.

Squeeze a cucumber juice and make a mask. Spread it all over the face and then to remove it dry with warm water. Cucumber, thanks to its high content of water, vitamin E and natural oils, is an excellent ingredient for repair, moisturize and bring vitality to our skin.

Some tips to consider…

To reaffirm the facial skin must also accompany any treatment with a healthy diet. She will give us the nutrients needed for good overall health. The antioxidants, vitamins and minerals will help to moisturize the skin, making it look more smooth and firm.

We all know the problems it brings to our skin sun exposure. But we do not know is that we can avoid them simply by settling sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving home. This will prevent premature aging and wrinkling.

Essential oils can help maintain the elasticity of the dermis, and improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is always advised to mix essential oils with base oils, such as vitamin E and shea butter. The most recommended for skin firming essential oils are avocado, grapeseed and jojoba oil.


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