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Few Things You Need To Know About Hemorrhoids And How To Deal With Them!

Most people know what hemorrhoids are, but only few know how to treat them.

Hemorrhoids are usually not very dangerous, but they tend to cause pain, itching, bleeding and other discomforts. Fortunately, there are few ways to deal with them.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are dilated and swollen veins that are found in the lowest part of the rectum and anus. There are two types of hemorrhoids: internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids appear in the lower rectum and are usually painless.

Internal hemorrhoids may cause bleeding that you would notice as a bright red blood on the toilet paper. These hemorrhoids can move and expand to the anus, and thus create additional problems. External hemorrhoids appear under the skin around the anus. You can feel or see something like an outgrow around the anus. This type of hemorrhoids causes more inconveniences because the skin around the anus can be irritated.

What’s the reason for occurrence of hemorrhoids?

Conditions like chronic constipation, long sitting and straining during bowel movements leads to occurrence of hemorrhoids. All this affects the blood flow and can cause dilated and swollen veins, i.e. occurrence of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can be diagnosed through a simple medical review, and external hemorrhoids are visible to the naked eye.

How are hemorrhoids treated?

Here’s what you can do to treat hemorrhoids:

Eat foods rich in fiber

Eat broccoli, beans, wheat and fresh fruit. Fiber along with plenty of water will soften the stool, which will facilitate its disposal and thus reduce the pressure on hemorrhoids. The entering of fiber through proper food supplements can reduce the inflammation and bleeding of hemorrhoids.


Moderate daily exercise and walking are associated with proper colon work.

Don’t postpone going to the toilet

Go to the toilet as soon as you feel the need for it! Also, you can teach your body to create the habit of regular bowel movement. To do this, specify the exact time in the day (e.g. after lunch) and sit in the bathroom for a few minutes.

Sitting in warm water

Sitting in warm water can reduce the itching and irritation around the anus. Do this for twenty minutes after each bowel movement.

Creams for hemorrhoids, ice or pillow

There are numerous hemorrhoid creams that can relieve pain. Ice can also help reduce the pain and swelling in the area of hemorrhoids. Instead of sitting on hard surface, place a pillow to reduce the swelling of the hemorrhoids and to prevent the creation of new ones.

There are many people facing this problem. Even though hemorrhoids can be kept under control, consult a doctor to avoid worsening of their condition.