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After This You Will Never Ever Spend a Penny for This Drink! The Worst Enemy DESTROYING Your Bones

A number of people worldwide enjoy drinking this beverage on daily basis. Even more frightening is the fact that even children consume it.

However, it is high time that we raise awareness about the dangers of soft drinks.

Here are the effects that soft drinks have on our body, according to scientific research:

The first 10 minutes
One cup of this drink contains 10 tablespoons of sugar, which is 100% of the recommended daily intake. Moreover, it also contains large amounts of phosphorus which is added to improve the taste.

After 20 minutes
There is a sudden increase of glucose and insulin levels in the blood, which causes the liver to turn the sugar in fat.

After 40 minutes
After a period of 40 minutes, the caffeine is entirely absorbed in the body. The blood flow is increased and the liver starts producing more sugar in the blood. The brain then blocks the receptors of adenosine, which prevents the feeling of fatigue.

After 45 minutes
The secretion of dopamine is increased, which significantly improves your mood. The effect is similar to that of the heroin.

Around 60 minutes
The large amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners contained in carbonated drinks increase digestion and excretion of calcium through urine.

After 60 minutes
The strong diuretic effects of caffeine start to act and all the useful minerals, such as magnesium, calcium and zinc, which are important for the bones, are excreted through urine.
After a little more than an hour

Decomposition of sugar is in the body is in the final stage. You feel full of energy and can experience frequent mood swings.

Along with the carbonated drink, the body also excretes the water and all the nutrients necessary for the proper function of the body.
Finally, the risk of developing diabetes is significantly increased.