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10 Plants That Attract Positive Energies

We use all sorts of plants to decorate our rooms, offices, and other spaces in order to give them a fresh and natural touch.

But, besides this purpose, plants are as well considered to ward off negative energy, and to improve the flow of positive energy.

Experts explain that there are specific plants which possess stronger ability to promote positive energy and our sense of well-being than others. We should pay special attention to these plants, which need to be alive and well-kept in pots.

We present you the 10 plants that are believed to attract positive energy.


Cactus might not give you the first impression of being a plant that attracts positive energy, but it does. What’s more it is considered to ward off intruders, envy, hypocrites, and malicious people and to absorb the harmful electromagnetic energy from household appliances. This plant gives unique decorative touch.


This plant is well-known for its healing properties, but it has also been used to ward off envy and witchcraft. Spearmint gives you a sense of well-being and according to some it attracts economic prosperity.


This plant is one of the most popular nowadays, bringing modern and sophisticated touch to our homes. However, the so called “lucky bamboo” is as well said to promote positive energy. It is considered to integrate water and growth, offering transparency, purity and life. If you have bamboo in your home it will bring you calmness, feeling of comfort, and it will repel envy.


This plan is believed to bring happiness and prosperity in the relationships, which is why it’s called “the couple’s plant”. It is recommended to keep jasmine in the bedroom or other places where the couple spends most of their time, as it helps build romance and strengthen the relationship in a spiritual way.


This plant has been used in various cultures around the world ever since the ancient times, due to its medicinal properties. But rosemary is also said to attract happiness and sincere love. It is recommended to keep fresh rosemary plant in your home, as well as to put several rosemarysprigs in cloth bags and to place them in different areas of your home to strengthen the loyalty of the people around you.


Mint is well-known for its medicinal properties, but besides helping our general health, it promotes positive energy too. It is believed that mint fights negative energy and helps in cases of insomnia. Mint can as well improve the communication in your family.


Ever since the ancient times, thyme has been used to eliminate bad vibes in the air. It is thought as a purifying plant as it prevents nightmares, fights against bad vibes, and promotes self-esteem. Ensure protection of your home and your family members by having this plant in your home.


This beautiful plant will add fresh and decorative touch in your home, bringing a feeling of well-being in your home. Chrysanthemums is especially recommended for places with constant arguments and tension, as it promotes positive mood and relaxation.


Eucalyptus is said to attract financial prosperity, so it’s recommended for offices or businesses. It protects from negative energy and wards off malicious and envy people. You can have it in your home as it promotes sleep because of its ability to remove oppressive energy.


One of the most widely used plants for its numerous healing properties. However, aloe vera is also considered to protect us from negative energy, envy, and bad luck, attracting positive vibes and prosperity. An interesting belief is that when this plant attracts good luck it grows and it’s vital, but when it has protected us from bad energy by absorbing it, it fades.


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