Mix Baking Soda And Castor Oil And See What Happens

Every day, we become much more aware of all the power, producing all traditional remedies, because one way or another, and these have been used, for many centuries, due to its high efficiency.

The combination of castor is recommended very often throughout holistic medicine, as it is, in the case of several health problems, even if each of the therapies that are conventional, have been unable to meet all the positive effects that had been expected.

All oil enclosure, has a powerful effect on all circulation, because it is often used very often as a coating

For this, we just need the following:

● A plastic sheet.
● Castor oil cold pressed.
● A towel.
● Gauze, which is properly clean.
● And finally, a hot water bottle.

Before you go to apply, you must make sure to clean the entire area with a solution of sodium bicarbonate.

You must be heated, well, all the oil, get wet, with the gauze on it and so, as you apply it, on the whole area is affected.

Later, we will detail each of the steps, you should give, and so you can cover the area with aluminum foil and then put in a bottle containing hot water:

● First, you must do is wrap the towel, taking into account, you should leave it on for at least an hour.

● You should try to relax, or at least relax the whole area.

● It is recommended, you can repeat the above, for at least 40 days.

You must have outstanding, as always, castor oil should be hot, before you are going to use. And if she changes color or gets to have a strange odor, it is advisable to prepare a new coating.

According to some explanations, Dr. William A. McGarey, castor oil, can help us in various health conditions and symptoms, such as:

● Try cuts, bruises, and wounds with castor oil, to accelerate the process of healing.

● You must a well-tensioned wrapping layer of castor oil, around the ankle and leave it on all night, so you can accelerate the entire healing.

● In order, you can prevent stretch marks that perform a massage all over your stomach with this oil cash during your last two months of pregnancy.

● You must mix all the baking soda, along with castor oil, well so that you eliminate all the dark spots on the face.

● Drop a drop every night before you go to sleep, to heal all cataracts.

● Every night before going to bed, you must rub all the castor oil on the eyelid, so that you can treat all eye allergies.

● Try to take a few drops of castor oil per day, so that in this way, you can treat nicotine and alcohol.

● Castor oil is very effectively, hepatitis.

How to tighten skin naturally. You Never Need Botox Or plastic surgery

In this article you will learn key tips on how to tighten skin naturally.  You’ll be able to stop the advance of aging on your skin and look younger and radiant. Sagging is a symptom that occurs over time. Our skin loses elasticity and collagen as the years pass.

How To Grow Thicker Eye Lashes : Home Remedies

Many women are worried by their thin eyelashes and want to make them thicker. Thicker eyelashes look great and immediately make the person more attractive.

The thinningis caused by numerous factors such as genetics, age, some medical conditions, nutritional deficiency, eye infections or hormonal changes. They can also thin out and fall off if you rub your eyes often or go to sleep without removing your makeup after a night out.
thicker eye

Proper care for your eyelashes is needed to keep them healthy, and should be the first step towards thicker eyelashes. Luckily for you, we also have a few home remedies which can help you! However, you should know that these remedies will provide different results for different people. You should also give them enough time to work – they may need weeks or even months to provide results, and you may need to try several remedies to find the one that works!

Watch the video below for details:


The hand dryers which we use in public bathrooms can spread more bacteria than paper towels!

This Teen With Brain Cancer Was Given Months To Live. How She Cured It Shook The World!

The biggest scientific endeavor of our generation is probably finding cure for cancer. But the latest effort by the doctors seems almost too desperate.

After recovering from a shock that there’s a tumor the size of a tennis ball inside her head, this girl faced another one when she was told how her doctors plan on fighting it.
Fight Cancer

Their idea was to inject a deadly virus that’s been eradicated from the US decades ago directly into her brain. She said “yes”, as she had nothing to lose, but when she saw her latest scans she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Take a look at this video:

Look Younger in 5 Minutes: A Natural Facelift Mask That Left Plastic Surgeons Speechless

Why to be afraid to laugh just to avoid wrinkles? Why suppress your emotions when there is a way to stop their appearance and even erase them from your face? If you prefer natural cosmetic treatments over conventional, this the article for you.  It is about a face mask, with lifting effect that not only has the power to prevent wrinkles, but it is very effective in erasing them.

This anti-wrinkles homemade face mask is the best natural solution to get rid of the aging signs. It will tighten, nourish and hydrate sagged skin while giving you more youthful and healthy look. In addition, it is very easy to prepare, and more importantly inexpensive, so not only your face, but your wallet will be thankful too.
face mask

Egg White and Lemon Facelift Mask


● 1 egg white
● 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

Preparation method:

● Take one medium egg and separate egg white from the egg yolk.
● Put the egg with in a bowl, and beat until foaming.
● Then add the lemon juice
● Continue beating for a few minutes until you get homogeneous mixture.


1. The first thing you need to do is to clean well your face. Don’t forget the neck.

2. Then, make sure your hands are clean, and with the help of your fingertips, take a little of the mixture, and gently with circular movements apply the face mask on the area of wish. You will notice that the mask will begin to dry quickly.

3. Leave it on your face for about 5-10 minutes, then remove it with warm or cold water as you prefer.

4. At the end, apply your favorite moisturizer.

For the best results, you need to repeat this treatment three to four times a week. Believe, you will achieve amazing results !!

 But most importantly, if you want always to look young, you have to relax and avoid thinking about problems or anything that give you stress. Try to be surrounded with positive people and people you love. Don’t forget to laugh. Eat more fresh organic food, and drink plenty of water. Try to sleep at least 6-7 hours at night.

Share this post with your friends and relatives and help them never to worry about aging signs appearance.

Turmeric Lemonade That Treats Depression Better Than Prozac! How To Prepare This?

Depression is a common mood disorder, manifested by a bad mood, as well as various other symptoms.

In its mildest form, patients manage to lead a healthy and normal life, if they treat it properly. On the other hand, in the case of a severe depression, people have numerous difficulties to lead an active life and it may even be life-threatening.
Turmeric Lemonade

These are the most common symptoms and signs of depression:

● Sadness, anxiety, or “empty” feelings
● Feelings of guilt
● Fatigue and reduced energy
● Suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts
● Feelings of hopelessness
● Irritability, restlessness
● Insomnia or excessive sleeping
● Difficulties concentrating and indecisiveness

Luckily, nature has provided an incredibly effective natural spice, turmeric, which treats numerous diseases and conditions.

It is extremely helpful in the case of Alzheimer’s, prevents the breakdown of cells into cancerous cells, reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol in the body, cures skin cancer, and is beneficial in the case of liver issues, acidity, stomach disorders, and pains, diarrhea, arthritis, jaundice as well.

Turmeric has amazing health properties, including:

● It is abundant in antioxidants
● It has potent anti-inflammatory benefits
● It fights depression
● It reduces the risk of developing heart disease
● It supports the brain

The most common drug included in the treatment of depression is Prozac. However, it, as well as other drugs of the type on the market, have serious side- effects, like suicidal effects, breathing difficulties, and bleeding in the stomach.

Researchers have found that turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin, has the same effect in treating major depressive disorder as fluoxetine (Prozac), but it does not cause any of its harmful adverse effects.

This is a recipe for a delicious turmeric lemonade which can be of great help:

Turmeric Lemonade Recipe


● the juice of one and a half lemons or limes
● 2 tablespoons freshly grated or powdered turmeric
● 4 tablespoons 100% maple syrup, Stevia or honey
● 4 cups cold filtered or sparkling water
● the juice of 1 blood orange (optional)


In a small pitcher, mix all of the ingredients, and stir well. You can serve it garnished with a lemon slice.


Scientists Discover THIS Oil Destroys 90% of Colon Cancer Cells

The American Cancer Society predicts that this year, there will be 95,270 new cases of colon cancer diagnosed in the United States.

Most commonly, patients are treats with a radiation therapy, surgery, or chemo, but all of these procedures cause adverse effects.
colon cancer

On the other hand, a recent study states that there is a much safer, natural treatment. We are all aware of the amazing health properties of coconut oil, due to which it is considered to be a superfood.

Its component, lauric acid, which is also found in breast milk, has potent anti-cancer properties. In fact, it is a medium-chain fatty acid that boosts the immune system and has powerful antimicrobial properties.

Coconut oil is extremely beneficial for the overall health and treats various health diseases and conditions. It is the most effective anti-inflammatory food and has powerful antioxidant, antifungal, anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic, antiviral, anti-microbial, and anti-viral properties.

It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, regulates blood sugar, treats candida, stabilizes the insulin levels, treats dangerous fungi, and helps to maintain a healthy weight.

The journal Cancer Research published a study which states that the lauric acid in coconut oil, which constitutes about 50% of it, has potent anti-cancer properties.

Researchers at the University of Adelaide found that it destroys over 90% of colon cancer cells in a colon cancer cell line in vitro. They have also cited studies which support these results.

Researchers during the in vitro studies, use a Petrie dish for their experiments, or conduct the procedure in a controlled environment, outside of a living organism.

On the other hand, in vivo studies are conducted on living, whole organisms. These experiments were done in vitro, which may reduce the significance of the findings.

Moreover, further research demands lots of money, which complicates things for researchers, regarding the fact that the pharmaceutical company continually backs them.

The American Society for Nutrition reports that the findings of clinical studies suggest that coconut oil has medium-chain fatty acids, fats, which “may be useful in treating and preventing diseases such as osteoporosis, virus-related diseases (mononucleosis, hepatitis C, herpes, etc.), gallbladder disease, Crohn’s disease and cancer.”

These medium-chain fatty acids have been found to treat multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and drug-resistant epilepsy.

For instance, Dr. Mary Newport gave her husband a daily dose of this oil to treat his Alzheimer’s symptoms, and he experienced significant improvement in only 60 days.

She clarified, “Ketone bodies may help the brain recover after a loss of oxygen in newborns through adults, may help the heart recover after an acute attack, and may shrink cancerous tumors.”

Other studies have previously found that this oil alleviates the side effects of chemotherapy, and enhances the life quality in the case of cancer.

Mix Honey And Aspirin And Keep On The Face For 10 Minutes: After 3 Hours Look At Yourself In The Mirror Miracle

If you have troubles with your skin, we will offer you a home remedy that will make your skin healthy, shiny and beautiful.

You can test this mask first on the inside of your upper arm. If there is no side effect during the day, it is safe to apply the mask on your face.
aspirin mask

Needed ingredients:

● 1-2 aspirin tablets
● A little bit of water
● 1 teaspoon of honey

How to prepare this mask?

Crush the aspirin tablets and place the powder in a bowl. Then add a few drops of water and mix it. Next, add a teaspoon of honey and mix well the ingredients.

Clean your face and then apply the mask. Let the mask sit for 10 minutes. Rub it a little and wash off. When you start with the treatment, use it 2-3 times a week, but later start using it only once a week.

The incredible results will be visible after 10 days: your skin will be restored. Your pores will be cleansed and inflammation will disappear.

Additionally, the effect of the aspirin mask cannot be noticed immediately, but after 3-4 hours after applying it.

In order to make your skin clean and shiny, you must be patient and use the mask regularly.

Did You Know By Doing This You Can Get Rid of Up to 16 Pounds

The health of the colon directly determines the health of the whole body. It may sound surprising, but there is more than just digestion happening in the dark and mysterious cellar of the colon. Nearly everything we consume passes through it for one last procedure before hopefully being eliminated.

With all the regular coming and going, the colon is exposed to a lot. If it gets burdened in any way, then waste begins to build up along the walls of the intestines. This causes a variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms, such as:
cleanse colon

● constipation,
● bloating,
● fatigue,
● poor concentration,
● unstable mood,
● oily skin,
● skin rash,
● frequent sickness,
● low sex drive,
● acne and
● Sour body odor.

The colon is surprisingly involved in some of the most important processes in the body. Most people know that it absorbs nutrients and then disposes of what we don’t need, but what about mental clarity, immune function and libido? This means that if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of a poorly functioning colon, you may want to consider a colon cleanse.

Colon cleansing is an ancient technique. The Greeks are the first ones to develop it into an actual medical procedure, and over time it has proven to have numerous benefits. These include:

● increasing energy levels,
● heightening immunity,
● boosting brain power,
● enhancing libido,
● losing weight and
● Preventing colon cancer.

One of the most popular and efficient ways of achieving this is by doing the “master cleanse.” This is a ten day fast aided by a sweet and sour drink. The ingredients are simple. All you need are these four things:

● 1 glass of filtered water, preferably by reverse osmosis,
● juice from ½ a lemon,
● 1 tablespoon of maple syrup and
● 1/10 a teaspoon of ground cayenne pepper.

Mix these ingredients thoroughly and drink this five to eight times a day. You will certainly experience the effects of the cleanse after the first or second day. This entails the complete elimination of everything that had built up along the walls of the colon. Stay near a toilet!

A colon cleanse is the sure-fire way to jump start some healthier habits. A diet high in fiber acts as a sort of broom, sweeping the walls of the colon to prevent build up. Adding enough probiotics will ensure that the intestines are a suitable ecosystem for beneficial flora. This keeps digestion, and therefore all of your health, at optimal performance.


The primary cause for the formation of gallstones, kidney sand and kidney stones are improper nutrition and hydration.

The symptoms of having a kidney stone are severe pains in the sides of your body, just below the ribs, but also abdominal pains.
kidney stones

While the most common gallstone symptoms are tingling stomach pains in the right side of your body, just below the ribs, but also headaches, bitter taste in the mouth, and nausea. The symptoms are the strongest right after a meal, especially if it contains a lot of fat.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Your Gallstones and Kidney stones in a Natural Way


● Extra virgin oil (0,25l of, eco);
● Lemon peels (250g of);
● Powdered sugar (250g of);
● Honey (250g of);
● Chopped parsley root (250g of).

Preparation and use:

First of all, disinfect your lemon with baking soda and warm water. Then cut it into smaller chunks and put it in your blender. Add your chopped parsley and blend. When done, add your honey, olive oil and sugar and stir well. Store it in a glass jar/bottle in your fridge.

Drink one tablespoon each morning on an empty stomach, and every night before you go to bed. Continue drinking it until you get rid of your sand or stones. However, don’t make large batches as the mixture has a shorter expiration date.This is a remedy which was proven to be effective by many people who had kidney and gallstones. It’s also very tasty, refreshing, and great for improving your overall health. .

This Common Vitamin Deficiency is Causing Your Agonizing Back and Joint Pain

Numerous people believe that their joint pain is a natural result of their aging.

But there are numerous cases in which people experience unbearable pain due to vitamin deficiency. This is the reason why you need to remain physically active, and not accept the pain, but struggle to relieve it.
joint pain

Vitamin deficiency is a common issue nowadays, and it has a strong relation to joint pain.

This article will explain how to treat it and solve accompanying symptoms.

In most cases, aging causes joint pain, but it can also be a result of acidity level, diet, weight, job position. One study which was conducted recently showed that joint pain is often a result of vitamin D deficiency.

Additionally, if this issue is not solved on time, the pain is intensified and may cause bone issues and arthritis .

Therefore, it is important to know the symptoms of the lack of vitamin D in the body:

● Improper balance
● Poor sleep
● Burning and itching sensation in the feet
● Pain present in the feet and legs

You can also make a simple test and see if you are deficient of this vitamin. You need to press the chest bone and determine the levels of pressure that lead to pain. If you feel pain almost immediately when you press, you should definitely increase the intake of vitamin D.

First of all, in order to raise the levels of vitamin D, you should be exposed to the sun, at least 10-15 minutes a day. During the winter, or if you are living in a colder area where the sun is rare, being exposed to direct sunlight may be a problem.

Therefore, you should know that you can also consume it through foods like egg yolks, tuna, mushrooms, and mackerel.

You can also choose to supplement, and in this way, you do not need to change the regular diet. However, note that it is best to find a supplement which includes vitamin D3, not D2. D3 is naturally produced as a response of the body to the exposure to sunlight.

This kind of supplements may include up to 5.000 IU of this vitamin, as well as probiotics which are excellent for the digestive system.

Buddha Belly? Muffin Top? Rub This On Belly Fat To Melt Pounds Faster

Nowadays, it seems that healthy food is less and less present. Moreover, unhealthy sugar fats are all around us and we find it hard to avoid eating them. However, a perfect nutrition is not always possible because an important aspect of our lives is to enjoy trying new things. What we are about to focus on is supported by a study conducted in Korea which showed that this protocol has the power to reduce fat and to shrink the waist circumference.

Becoming more mentally prepared to follow through this protocol is important, because often times, that’s the first obstacle that prevents people from losing surplus pounds. If you don’t have strong reasons for positive changes in your life, then these changes will not remain. This leads to the question why do you actually want to lose weight in the first place? Is it just because you want to look better or are there several other reasons? Do you want to lose weight because of your health? Do you want to be an example of persistence and dedication to your children? You need to find a reason for your change and the change will become far more significant.
buddha belly

Proper nutrition and exercise are crucial if you tend to lose fat. This protocol will reduce your belly fat naturally. Furthermore, topical products like deodorants, shampoos, soaps, conditioners, cologne, perfume, etc. can be the reason for weight gain as most of these products contain toxic substances that harm the body. Hormones are chemical messengers. When these products are applied under the armpits, or on the skin or scalp, the skin absorbs the content. Therefore, when chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals enter the organism, the body automatically attaches the toxic byproducts to the fat. Hence, the body’s natural hormonal homeostasis becomes disrupted, and when the hormonal system is not functioning properly, the body begins storing more fat as a protection mechanism. So, one way to lower fat is to stop using these products. Instead, you should use natural health and beauty products with plant based ingredients if you want to improve the function of your hormones so that they burn fat and release toxins from the body efficiently.

CPTG essential oils
When applied topically, they enter the body and encourage the burning of fat and the release of toxins internally. Essential oils are distilled version of the plant’s chemicals. They are one of the most powerful chemical forms of that plant as they are concentrated to the phytochemical level and stored in glass bottles for better potency and application. Moreover, the phytochemicals in the essential oils are the ones that encourage the release of toxins and surplus fat and they remind the body to do what it needs to do for a healthy homeostasis. However, this product can’t burn your fat overnight. There are other factors included like proper hydration, organic whole foods, etc. that will speed up things and recuperate your hormones. Specific hormones burn fat and others store it.

The Korean study
The study in Korea had two groups of Korean post-menopausal women. One group used grape seed oil and the other group used Cypress, lemon, and grapefruit essential oils. They used these 3 oils together with carrier oil like coconut or almond oil massaged them onto the belly area. The study was conducted by the Department of Nursing at the Wonkwang Health Science College. The researchers believe that the same promising effects would apply to other women and men as well. Post-menopausal hormonal changes can make the process of losing fat much more difficult; therefore, these are somewhat positive results.


1. Take 2 ounces of carrier oil and add 5 drops of cypress, 5 dr4ops of lemon, and 5 drops of grapefruit essential oil.

2. Pour the content in a small glass bottle.

3. Massage your belly with this mixture once or twice per day.

The women massaged their belly twice per day 5 days a week for 6 weeks.

You will need almond oil and essential oils of lemon, cypress, and grapefruit!

Good luck!


Joint pain can be caused by a number of issues, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, bursitis, tendinitis or a strain, sprain or other injury affecting the ligaments, bursae or tendons surrounding a joint.

It can occur in any part of the body but is most common in the knees, shoulders and hips. The pain can range from mild to severe and may be accompanied by swelling and stiffness in one or more joints.

Few Things You Need To Know About Hemorrhoids And How To Deal With Them!

Most people know what hemorrhoids are, but only few know how to treat them.

Hemorrhoids are usually not very dangerous, but they tend to cause pain, itching, bleeding and other discomforts. Fortunately, there are few ways to deal with them.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are dilated and swollen veins that are found in the lowest part of the rectum and anus. There are two types of hemorrhoids: internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids appear in the lower rectum and are usually painless.

Internal hemorrhoids may cause bleeding that you would notice as a bright red blood on the toilet paper. These hemorrhoids can move and expand to the anus, and thus create additional problems. External hemorrhoids appear under the skin around the anus. You can feel or see something like an outgrow around the anus. This type of hemorrhoids causes more inconveniences because the skin around the anus can be irritated.

What’s the reason for occurrence of hemorrhoids?

Conditions like chronic constipation, long sitting and straining during bowel movements leads to occurrence of hemorrhoids. All this affects the blood flow and can cause dilated and swollen veins, i.e. occurrence of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can be diagnosed through a simple medical review, and external hemorrhoids are visible to the naked eye.

How are hemorrhoids treated?

Here’s what you can do to treat hemorrhoids:

Eat foods rich in fiber

Eat broccoli, beans, wheat and fresh fruit. Fiber along with plenty of water will soften the stool, which will facilitate its disposal and thus reduce the pressure on hemorrhoids. The entering of fiber through proper food supplements can reduce the inflammation and bleeding of hemorrhoids.


Moderate daily exercise and walking are associated with proper colon work.

Don’t postpone going to the toilet

Go to the toilet as soon as you feel the need for it! Also, you can teach your body to create the habit of regular bowel movement. To do this, specify the exact time in the day (e.g. after lunch) and sit in the bathroom for a few minutes.

Sitting in warm water

Sitting in warm water can reduce the itching and irritation around the anus. Do this for twenty minutes after each bowel movement.

Creams for hemorrhoids, ice or pillow

There are numerous hemorrhoid creams that can relieve pain. Ice can also help reduce the pain and swelling in the area of hemorrhoids. Instead of sitting on hard surface, place a pillow to reduce the swelling of the hemorrhoids and to prevent the creation of new ones.

There are many people facing this problem. Even though hemorrhoids can be kept under control, consult a doctor to avoid worsening of their condition.

Magical Recipe For Varicose Veins And Thrombosis With Only 2 Simple Ingredients

Varicose veins – it’s a common aesthetic problem, which can affect both men and women, especially women. This is a common health problem and it can happen to anyone. This type of health problem is both – aesthetic and a health issue, and it can be caused by many different reasons. Well, it’s really frustrating, because it will make you feel uncomfortable and you will have to wear longer clothing. This health problem is usually found in our legs and ankles.

Varicose veins come as a result of damaged valves and veins, due to excess weight, lack of exercise, injuries, blood clots, pregnancy, and if you stand or sit for a long time.
varicose veins

Well, you should know that these swollen, distended and twisted veins can’t deliver the blood flow to the heart. So, this blood is accumulated in these veins. These veins may block the deeper veins and cause deep vein thrombosis. This is why you should treat this health problem on time. Because if you wait for too long, you may not be able to treat it.

First, you should know that you should eat healthy food, you need to exercise every day, you shouldn’t sit or stand all the time. And the most important thing is – you should try this homemade natural remedy. This miraculous homemade remedy is really amazing. You will be amazed by the results. This remedy is very simple and easy tom make, just follow the simple instructions.

Varicose Veins Remedy – RECIPE


● 1 glass of sheep milk
● 1 baby soap


Here’s what you need to do – first, you need to grind the baby soap into the milk. You should keep this remedy in a plastic container and store it in your refrigerator.

How to use it:

You need to place compresses with this homemade mixture on the affected areas. You should rub the mixture up and down, 3 times per day. You will be amazed by the results. Don’t forget to share with your friends and family. Thank You.

Boost Your Heart Health, Control Diabetes And Reduce Your Cancer Risk With This Nutrition-Rich Juice Recipe

Everybody desires a glowing skin and healthy body. Eating a diet which is well-balanced can make an enormous difference and more and more people are starting to eat more healthily.

Thin To Thick Hair Magic, Grow Your Hair Fast Overnight With 1 Ingredient

Almost every woman wishes to have wonderful, long locks, but as we all know, it takes a lot of time, patience and effort to achieve that.

Our hair grows nearly half an inch for a month regularly.

The rate of hair growth is always influenced by other factors, such as the overall health, the well-being, as well as the genetics factors.

You hair growth can be accelerated if you manage to maintain your hair healthy by sticking to a healthy, balanced diet and by keeping a proper hair care.

There are many natural ways, including certain herbs that can make the process of accelerating the hair growth easier.

In this video, we’re presenting you a recipe for a homemade remedy that will blow away your mind! Take a look!


Glowing and flawless skin tone is something that always comes first on every girl’s beauty wish list. And we believe, there is one more word that should be added to this wish- ‘naturally’. Well, although there are many cosmetic products in the market that guarantee spotless and radiant skin in no time, going natural is still the best way of enhancing your beauty.

One such natural ingredient that every woman can use to get that flawless, radiant and healthy skin is, lemon. It not only helps in brightening the skin tone, but also treats many other skin related problems. So, here are some lemon face masks that you can use in order to improve their skin tone.
lemon mask

1. Lemon juice
Squeeze out the juice from a lemon, and apply it all over your face with the help of a cotton ball. Wash off after an hour. Doing this daily will help improve your skin tone, and will also lighten any scar marks.

2. Lemon, tomato and turmeric
Add three teaspoons of lemon juice with one teaspoon of tomato juice and a pinch of turmeric. The goodness of lemon when combined with that of tomato (lycopene and antioxidants), and turmeric (antibacterial and anti-inflammatory), will yield amazing results for your skin complexion. Apply this paste and leave it on for an hour before washing off.

While you are working hard to get that flawless skin tone, you also need to save yourself from sun. So, here are 7 Best Home Remedies To Soothe Sunburn

3. Lemon, milk and honey
Mix the one teaspoon of lemon juice and honey with one tablespoon of milk powder, and apply this mixture to your face. Let it dry for 15 minutes before rinsing off with cold water. Apply this mask every day to unveil glowing skin.

4. Lemon and coconut water
The blend of lemon and coconut water not just helps in attaining brighter-looking skin, but it also acts as a great cleanser as well as a moisturiser. Coconut water is known for lightening blemishes as well as nourishing the skin. So, just mix few drops of lemon to coconut water, and apply to get radiant and hydrated skin.

Find out how else coconut can help you enhance your beauty: Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Water For Skin And Hair

5. Lemon and sandalwood
Take out juice from half a lemon and mix it with four teaspoons of sandalwood powder. In case the paste is not smooth, then add a little water to it and mix it well. Apply this paste for 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water. In addition to lightening your skin tone, it will also make your skin softer and free from blemishes.

6. Lemon, honey and essential oil
This one is very helpful for those who have dry skin. Simply mix together lemon juice and honey along with a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Wash it after 25 minutes with warm water. Use this regularly to flaunt naturally glowing skin in just few weeks.

7. Lemon, turmeric and milk
You can make a face mask for naturally glowing and healthy skin by mixing together lemon juice, milk and turmeric. Apply this to the face and let it dry out. Wash off with warm water.

While lemon has some amazing benefits for the skin, there are certain things that one must keep in mind before applying these face masks. There should not be any open wounds or rashes on your skin, else applying these lemon masks will be very uncomfortable. Also, those with sensitive skin should be careful while using lemon as it may cause a reaction. So, just keep these tips in mind and grab the ingredients from your kitchen to make these masks for glowing and scar-free skin.

This Herb Improves Eyesight Even in People Older Than 70 Years. Solves Problems With the Eyes, Vision and Eye Pressure!

The legend is it that eyebright was called Euphrasia according the Latin name of the Greek migrate Euphrosyini (whose name means joy) because it makes everyone happy as it heals the eyes.

The people also called it “the eyes of the Mother of God” because the centuries-old tradition confirmed that it is ideal natural cure for diseases of the eyes. People use it for thousands of years.
Herb For Eyes

Alchemist Arnoldus Villanovanus dedicated it his eulogy “Vini Euphrasiati tantopere celebrati”, saying that it regained vision for those who have long been without it.

Researcher Hildamus believed that it is able to improve vision even in those older than 70 or 80 years.

Eyebright is still available and effective remedy to all those who are struggling with vision and eye diseases, regardless of whether it is because of ageing, infection or other cause.

Composition and healing properties of the eyebright
Eyebright contains Glycoside rinantin, vitamin C, essential oils, bitter substances and Eufrastan acid. Alternative medicine has recognized it as an eyesight remedy which can relieve eye infections, accelerate the healing, destroy viruses and bacteria in the eyes and relieve eye dryness and pain.

This herb is great for reducing eye pressure and fatigue caused by excessive computer use or smoke-filled rooms. It is a natural substitute for eye drops and other solutions for treating eye problems.

Here’s what eyebright can help with:
● Eye infection
● Allergic reactions
● Iritis (inflammation of the iris)
● Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid)
● Keratitis (inflammation of the cornea)
● Inflammation of the tear ducts
● Short-sightedness
● Dry eyes and eye fatigue
● Irritation due to environmental factors or prolonged computer use
● Glaucoma

Homeopathy uses eyebright in a water solution with eyebright c30 to cure a watery discharge from the eyes accompanied by burning and pain after exposure to light.

Improve your eyesight with tea and compresses

Have the plant’s fresh juice or a dry variant always at home in cases you experience any eye-related problems. Fresh eyebright juice can be a natural substitute for eye drops – you only need to dilute it with distilled water and use two drops per eye.

The dry variant of the plant can be used to prepare tea that can rinse the eye, or it can be used as a compress. Pour 2 dl of boiling water over half a teaspoon of dry eyebright material and let it stay for a couple of minutes, then strain the tea and rinse your eyes with it 2-3 times a day.

The tea can be used for a compress too – keep it on your eyes until you notice the compress is dry. You can leave the compress overnight too, but you must always use fresh tea.

For sensitive eyes, dilute the tea with lukewarm boiled water. To treat extreme infections, mix eyebright with some marigold, chamomile or fennel to reduce the symptoms and recover faster. To strengthen the optic nerve, take a pinch of powdered dry eyebright 1-2 times a day orally or added to soups and drinks.

Compress for treating sty

Pour 250 ml. of boiling water over three tablespoons of dry eyebright material and leave it to stay for ten minutes, then strain the mixture. Wrap the strained eyebright in gauze and place it on the stye, leaving it on for 5-7 minutes. The warmth of the compress will act therapeutically and boost the healing process.

Tea – helps to improve eyesight

Pour 2 dl of boiling water over two teaspoons of dry eyebright and let it stay for fifteen minutes, stirring it from time to time. Strain the mixture in the end.

Drink a cup of the tea three times a day – always make a fresh brew and drink it unsweetened.

Treating other ailments

Eyebright can help with other health problems besides eye-related ailments. It can relieve bronchitis, rhinitis and the flu, and help with other respiratory problems too.

Eyebright relieves stomach pain and digestive problems, while being a great treatment for hay fever allergy as it reduces the eye watering, burning and redness in the eyes.

Eyebright can help you in cases of headaches, insomnia and anxiety, and will also treat nicotine and alcohol poisoning, reducing the harmful effects of the toxins on the body.


Eyebright must be taken in dosages recommended by a professional, and should always be prepared properly. If you’re dealing with severe health problems, consult with your doctor before use.

Oral administration of eyebright should be avoided by pregnant and nursing women, as well as people with gallbladder and acute stomach problems, duodenal ulcers or liver disease.

The Most Effective Natural Fat Burner: Melts Belly Fat In Less Than Two Weeks

With the summer fast approaching, most women are focused on getting their body ready for the beach. And, we all know that there’s no part on the body that’s more difficult to get in shape than the abdomen. A lot of women will agree that no matter how much you starve or sweat at the gym, belly fat never seems to disappear completely.

But, if you have the right tool, such as the amazing recipe we recommend here, you can save your time, money and energy and still get the desired results in less than two weeks. This recipe is a natural fat burner that’s particularly effective for stubborn belly fat.
fat burner

What you need: 

– a teaspoon of green tea

– 3 bay leaves

– a cinnamon stick

– 800ml water

All of the ingredients are extremely beneficial for boosting your metabolism and stimulating the fat-burning process in the body.

What you do:

Bring the water to a boil. Remove from heat then add the cinnamon, bay leaves and green tea. Cover and let sit for 15 minutes. Strain.

How you use it:

As your metabolism plays the most important role in burning excess fat, the ideal time to boost it is immediately after waking up. This is how you ensure that your body will burn fat all day long. Drink the first cup of this tea on an empty stomach in the morning.

Take the second cup immediately after breakfast, and the third just before going to bed.

Three cups of this fat-burning tea is all you need to get a flat belly in a couple of weeks.

You’ll soon start dropping weight as fat will start melting from critical parts on your body. You’ll see the first results in about a week’s time.

It’s important to have in mind that any weight loss plan should be accompanied by a well-balanced diet and moderate physical activity.

Important: Don’t use this weight loss treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share.

9 Home Remedies for Ingrown Toenails

Like many people, I am hard on my toes. I spend a great deal of time on my feet, and not always in the most comfortable of shoes. At the end of the day, the result is often painfully swollen toes, which take extra time and care to treat.

What doctors call Onychocryptosis, we know better as an ingrown toenail. Ingrown toenails are a common condition in which the corner or side of a toenail grows into and cuts the surrounding flesh. This results in pain, redness, swelling, and sometimes infection. Left untreated, ingrown toenails discharge a yellowish pus fluid and extra tissue will grow on the affected toe, covering part of the nail and furthering the risk of infection. Ultimately, an ingrown toenail, though it may seem minor at first, can lead to loss of a limb.
Ingrown Toenails

Obviously the best way to avoid an ingrown toenail is never to get one.  The following are the main causes of ingrown nails so you can better avoid them:
● Poorly fitting shoes or heels
● Excessive sweating
● Injury on toe
● Fungal or Bacterial infection
● Lack of grooming
● Over grooming (i.e. cutting nails too short)
● Lack of sensation in toes
● Vascular health issues
● Abnormally shaped nail beds
● Genetic Susceptibility
● Diabetes
● Malformations caused by other diseases

For those of us already dealing with this ailment, knowing these risk factors is certainly helpful to minimize and prevent future damage to our toes. Better still, I’ve recently come across 9 home remedies to treat ingrown toenails. Try them in your home and share your results with others.

Epsom Salt
Add a large heap of Epsom salt to warm water and soak the affected foot for 18-20 minutes. Done twice daily, this will relieve an ingrown toenail by softening the skin and making the toenail easier to trim out of it.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Try mixing half a cup of hydrogen peroxide in water and soaking your foot for 15-20 minutes. The skin will soften and reduce pain. The natural disinfecting action of the peroxide will also help prevent further infection.
An alternate treatment is to administer peroxide on a cotton ball directly to the affected area, but there is debate among doctors that suggests this may cause rupturing in healthy skin tissues.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Mix a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water for a foot soak or apply directly to the skin. Either way, apple cider vinegar is a natural anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial agent that will go to work on soothing your symptoms. Another way to reap the benefits of apple cider vinegar is to ingest it. My favorite method for this is a mix of apple cider vinegar, honey, and warm water.

Menthol Cream
Better known as VapoRub, apply mentholated topical cream directly to the affected area. The rub will soothe chronic pain and promote healing. Like many people, I am hard on my toes. I spend a great deal of time on my feet, and not always in the most comfortable of shoes. At the end of the day, the result is often painfully swollen toes, which take extra time and care to treat.

What doctors call Onychocryptosis, we know better as an ingrown toenail. Ingrown toenails are a common condition in which the corner or side of a toenail grows into and cuts the surrounding flesh. This results in pain, redness, swelling, and sometimes infection. Left untreated, ingrown toenails discharge a yellowish pus fluid and extra tissue will grow on the affected toe, covering part of the nail and furthering the risk of infection. Ultimately, an ingrown toenail, though it may seem minor at first, can lead to loss of a limb.

White Flower Oil
Simply put a few drops of white flower oil onto ingrown toenails to heal them. White flower oil is a blend of herbal oils like peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus, each being known for its healing abilities. *Some experts recommend applying the oil near but not directly on the wound.

Lavender Essential & Tea Tree Essential Oils
Apply these naturally anti-biotic and soothing oils to ingrown nails as you would white flower oil.

Oregano Oil
Oregano essential oil mixed with a little olive oil can be used three times a day as an antibacterial, antiseptic, and pain relief agent.
Do not use during pregnancy or on children under 5.

Antibacterial Soap
Mix a little antibacterial soap with warm water and use as a soak. After 15-20 minutes, dry the foot and apply a thin layer of antibacterial cream to the affected area then bandage. This method is good to help outgrow an ingrown.

Tie or tape a thin slice of lemon to the toe overnight. The natural acidity of the lemon will disinfect and promote healing in the wound and affected layers of skin.

It’s not recommended to cut an ingrown toenail by yourself. If you do choose, however, to trim your nails, the following step-by-step method is one option:

● Start with either an Epsom salt or antibacterial soap soak for about 20 minutes. This will help calm swelling and soften the toenail and surrounding skin.
● Next, gently push back the swollen skin to expose the edge of the nail. This step can be painful so only push as much as allowed by the skin.
● Thirdly, cut the nail straight across, careful not to over trim. Take care to cut the nails from the sides rather than the middle.
● In the space between the trimmed nail and the skin, put a small piece of cotton to discourage the nail from growing back.
● Apply Neosporin or another antibiotic ointment to the affected area and bandage.
It’s important to let the feet breathe as they heal, so avoid wearing socks or shoes at home.
● Change cotton regularly to prevent infection.

Medical Alert: It is potentially dangerous to trim ingrown nails if you suffer from diabetes or any other painful foot condition.

Once you’re ingrown toenails are all healed up, there are some simple things you can do to keep them from coming back, such as:
● Wear comfortable footwear
● Wear clean socks every day
● Wash and dry feet regularly and thoroughly
● Cut nails straight across
● Use a pumice stone or foot file daily to prevent hard skin formation

Remove Ovarian Cysts Fast With These 12 Natural Remedies

ovarian cysts
Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs in the ovary which are quite common among women of all ages. They usually form during ovulation and many women with ovarian cysts don’t have symptoms and don’t even notice they have it. However they can start growing and multiplying which can cause problems and need to be surgically removed. If you’re suffering from ovarian cysts you might experience pressure, bloating, swelling and pain in the lower abdomen. In such a case many women reach for the over-the –counter pain killers or prescribed medications, but you can treat the pain and discomfort completely naturally and we’ve got 12 natural ways in which you can do it.

Castor oil is an excellent natural remedy for a lot of conditions, and ovarian cysts are just one of them. It clears the body of excess tissues and toxins and reduces the cysts, slowly dissolving them. Here’s how you can use it to ease the pain and discomfort:

Take a large flannel cloth and fold it into two or three layers. You need a pretty large piece because when folded it needs to cover the whole abdominal area. Take 2 tablespoons of the castor oil and pour it on the cloth, then fold the cloth in half so that the oil will get soaked on the entire surface. Unfold it and cover your abdomen with it. Wrap the flannel cloth with plastic foil and cover it with an old towel on top. Place a hot water bottle over the towel and cover yourself with a warm blanket. Lay like that for some 30 minutes and remove the cloth. Repeat the process three times a week for three months.

You’ve probably heard that chamomile tea has relaxing and soothing properties, especially when it comes to abdominal pain. It can relieve the pain and discomfort triggered by the ovarian cysts and it’s also beneficial for irregular periods.

Make some hot chamomile tea by mixing 2 teaspoons of dried chamomile in a cup of hot water. Cover it and leave it for some 5 minutes, strain and add a teaspoon of honey. Drink 2-3 cups a day until you feel better.

Heat therapy is recommended for pain in the abdomen and muscle cramps to ease the discomfort so it can be used in the case of ovarian cysts as well.

Place a heating pad or a hot water bottle on your abdomen and lower pelvic area. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and you should feel better. This will give you instant relief when you’re in pain.

ACV can help shrink and dissolve ovarian cysts that are caused by a potassium deficiency, since it’s rich in high potassium. Here’s a powerful beverage which can help you with ovarian cysts:

Fill a glass with warm water and add a tbsp. of ACV and black strap molasses. Drink 1-2 glasses every day until you feel better.

 Beetroot contains a compound called betacyanin, known for boosting the liver’s ability to clear toxins out of the body. The alkaline nature of beetroot also helps balance the acidity in the body, reducing the severity of many symptoms of ovarian cysts.

Mix half a cup of freshly extracted beetroot juice with 1 tbsp. of Aloe Vera gel and 1 tbsp. of blackstrap molasses. Consume this beverage every morning, on an empty stomach until your symptoms subside.

Epsom salt are rich in magnesium sulfate which is a muscle relaxant and can soothe the pain radiating from ovarian cysts.

Prepare yourself a bathtub with warm water and add a cup of Epsom salt. Add 5-10 drops of essential oil (lavender, rose or jasmine) and stir until everything is dissolved. Soak in the bath for half an hour and repeat this treatment every day until the pain is gone.

Flaxseed are extremely beneficial in the treatment of cysts because they restore the balance between the estrogen and progesterone in your body, helping reduce the cysts. They also abound in fibers which is beneficial for full body detox.

Using flaxseed to ease the pain is very simple. Just add a tablespoon of ground flaxseed to a glass of warm water and drink it every day before breakfast. You can also add it to a glass of yogurt if you prefer or to your smoothies, salads and soups.

Almonds are a rich source of magnesium which helps in reducing painful cramps radiating from the cysts.

Eat dry roasted almonds to relieve pain and discomfort or use almond oil to gently massage the abdominal area and soothe the pain and bloating.

Proper hydration is essential when it comes to easing the pain and discomfort from ovarian cysts and reducing their size and number. It flushes out the toxins and reduces the radiating pain. Drink plenty of water and avoid sodas, coffee and alcohol.

Dandelion is a natural diuretic that can help cleanse the liver, allowing the body to properly flush out excess hormones and toxins that may be causing the cysts.

Pick fresh dandelions and separate the root from the stems and flowers. Rinse the root under cool running water and boil 1 quart of water. Chop the dandelion root and add 2 teaspoons to the water, then cover the pot and lower the heat. Let it simmer for a 1 minute, and take it off the heat. Let it steep in the covered pot for about 40 minutes. Strain the liquid and drink the tea.

Maca is a root vegetable from the radish family which is known to help restore hormonal balance in the body. It’s very beneficial for the endocrine system and stimulate the production of progesterone. You can consume it on a daily basis in small amounts, mixed in your smoothie or coffee.

Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which means it can alleviate the pain from the inflammation. It can heat up your body and stimulate menstrual flow.

Take a small piece of ginger (2inches) and blend it along with 2 celery sticks, half a cup of apple juice and ¾ cup of pineapple juice. Drink a glass of this anti-inflammatory juice every day until you feel better. You can also just make fresh ginger tea as well and drink 2-3 cups every day.

Effectively Remove Your Pimples, Acne and Dark Spots By Applying This Magic Ingredient! (VIDEO)

In the Asian Countries, rice is a part of every meal. It is the included in every dishes being served.
However, there are more uses of rice than being a food on the dish of every person.

She Rubs Baking Soda On Her Feet 2x Per Week. The End Result? Stunning

Baking soda is popular both for its cleaning effects and culinary purposes. Since it is affordable to anyone, and it is simple to use, baking soda offers endless possibilities for solving day to day problems without having to use products loaded with chemicals.

This is How Ginger Destroys Ovarian, Prostate, and Colon Cancer: Better Than Chemotherapy!

Ginger has been a part of natural medicine for centuries. This powerful root is used for treatment of many diseases due to its numerous healing properties. Even modern science recognizes the health benefits that ginger offers. Ginger contains gingerols, umbrellas, and shogaols-anti-carcinogenic compounds, according to a study published in the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology. Numerous other studies have also confirmed that ginger is very efficient in destroying cancer cells in prostate, ovarian, and colon cancer. Hence, some people consider that the anti-carcinogenic properties of ginger can even be more efficient than chemotherapy.

 Ginger destroys prostate cancer cells

An American study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, showed that ginger extract can stop the development of prostate cancer cells when it is consumed on a daily basis, 100 mg per weight. The results showed that ginger extract also decreased the growth of prostate cancer in around 56% of respondents. It was estimated that 100 grams of fresh ginger per day can lead to the same results in adults weighing up to 70 kilograms. Furthermore, according to the study, ginger did not influence other cells in the organism, such as the bones or the stomach cells, which divide quickly. All in all, ginger is a more efficient treatment for prostate cancer than chemotherapy, since chemotherapy also influences the healthy cells in the organism.
ginger and cancer

Ginger destroys ovarian cancer cells

Angiogenesis describes the progression of cancer. If the angiogenesis is stopped in the early phase, then cancer can be efficiently prevented. A study published by the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, discovered that the growth of cancer cells can be disabled by the active ingredients in the ginger root which have anti-angiogenic properties. In fact, the study showed that ginger is highly useful in preventing and treating ovarian cancer. Studies presented by theAmerican Cancer Association, done by the researchers from the University of Michigan, showed that ginger efficiently destroys cancer cells. Additionally, ovarian cancer cells do not become resistant to this type of therapy, as is the case in chemotherapy. All in all, ginger is very useful for patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer, more than chemotherapy, since it has less side effects and it is less toxic.

Ginger and colon cancer

In 2003, at a Frontiers conference for cancer prevention, researchers showed important evidence about ginger’s ability to prevent colon cancer. Another study, from 2015, published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that ginger is not beneficial only in preventing colon cancer, but that its root can destroy already existing colorectal cancer cells. This makes ginger a therapeutic option for patients diagnosed with colon cancer.

Why is ginger a better option than chemotherapy?

More and more evidence point out that ginger is highly beneficial in prevention of several types of cancer including ovarian, prostate, and colon cancer. One of the biggest advantages of ginger is the natural and less invasive treatment than chemotherapy. This means that ginger destroys cancer cells, while the healthy ones remain untouched. What’s more, it is not toxic. One drawback could be that ginger extract has not yet become an acceptable anti-carcinogenic treatment, because further research is needed. Namely, most of the studies conducted by now were either done in vitro or with mice.

Since ginger benefits are undisputed, the best thing you can do to take out the most from ginger is to include it in your diet. Recommended daily intake is 4g rams per day. Pregnant women should intake only 1 gram per day.

Natural Spice For Losing Abdominal Fats Even When You Are Sitting Reading A Book

Have you ever thought of burning calories even when you are sitting and reading your book? Here is a recipe of honey and cinnamon that is perfect for the lazy girl who wants to shed extra pounds without working out on the treadmill.

The two ingredients, honey and cinnamon are well known for their healing benefits. But they can also help you in losing weight by increasing your metabolic rate. This amazing weight loss recipe can be prepared by anyone. It’s easy to prepare and works even when you are sitting and resting.
cinnamon drink


● Honey – 2 tbsp
● Cinnamon – 1 tbsp
● Water – 1 cup

How to Prepare?

● Boil the water and pour it over cinnamon
● Wait for some time and let it cool
● Add honey when it cools down
● Take the drink before going to bed and when you wake up. Store it in the fridge.

How Cinnamon Helps with weight Loss

Cinnamon is a wonder food when it comes to losing weight.

1. It Controls Insulin
The spice has an unmatched property – imitating the function of insulin. Increased blood sugar levels can increase fat deposits in the body, making it difficult for you to lose weight. But cinnamon helps in regulating blood sugar levels and prevents further deposition of excess fat.

2. Cinnamon Speeds up Metabolism
The spice changes the metabolism of carbohydrates. Your body will be able to make proper use of stored carbs, preventing them from turning into excess fat. When you take cinnamon, it will increase your metabolic rate because the spice requires more energy to be digested.

3. Cinnamon Reduces LDL Cholesterol
Numerous studies show that cinnamon is beneficial in lowering LDL cholesterol. This can benefit your heart. When diabetic patients were tested with regular intake of cinnamon in their food, they showed reduced levels of bad cholesterol and weight loss indicators.

4. Burning Belly Fat
A unique thing about cinnamon is that it has been found to affect the fat in the abdomen more than in any other part in the body. Most people spend years exercising and eating all kinds of diet to breakdown belly fat without much success. If you have also struggled with the same, this cinnamon and honey recipe will help you burn that extra fat.

Studies show that abdominal fat is harmful for your organs. This is because unlike the fat around your thighs and hips, this fat surrounds your vital organs. Take this recipe regularly and get rid of the harmful fats even you are reading your favorite novel.

If You Take 1 Serving of Coconut Oil Per Day For a Month THIS Happens To Your Body

Coconut has become all the rage over the past few years. It is used for many things, from being part of water, used as flour, coconut milk, to even being dried and prepared as sauce on yogurt. Even though many people love its taste and smell, few of them are actually familiar with the benefits of the coconut oil.

The video presented below shows how coconut oil enhances the function of the thyroid and how its medium-chain unsaturated fats promote proper digestive function.  It is also beneficial for weight loss because it doesn’t get stored as fat. It also reduces inflammation, boosts immunity, and regulates thyroid function.
coconut oil

Coconut oil is abundant in iron, vitamin E, vitamin K, Laurie corrosive and caprylic acid, which in turn makes it effect in fighting off infections and microorganisms, such as yeast infection. According to Dr. Bruce Fife, the consumption of 3.5 tablespoons of coconut oil on a daily basis can help treat yeast contamination.

Another benefit that coconut oil provides is revival and nourishment of the skin.  Adding a bit of it to your coffee or tea in the morning is a good way to do it. Coconut oil also protects your skin from the sun and it prevents sunburns. Both internal and external uses of this oil rejuvenate the skin.

Ultimately, this video explains how coconut oil improves digestion and promotes healthy weight loss. The emphasis is put on the consumption of the healthiest fat which promotes losing weight, especially in the most problematic areas of the body.  Amazingly, its regular consumption also promotes heart health by reducing the cholesterol levels.