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What Your Lip Color Says About Your Health

Eastern medicine has a popular belief that your overall health can easily be determined just by the color of your lips. It can give you an indication of your health status so by determining the color of your lips it gives you an indication of what’s happening inside your body which means that you can know what to do and what to eat to help correct that problem.

So look in the mirror and tell us what you see. Your lips should have a natural pink color and any other shade indicates a medical problem.

1. Pale pink lips – if your lips are look pale, more than usually, it’s a sign of anemia. Your body lacks hemoglobin and your red blood cells’ count is low which is why your lips are pale. You need to increase your intake of foods rich in iron and vitamin C, such as broccoli, red meat and red dates.

2. Red lips – if your lips have a much stronger red shade it usually means that your body is overheated and your liver and spleen are overworking. In this case drink plenty of chrysanthemum tea and eat veggies like bitter melon and celery. Honey is also beneficial for balancing out the inside of your organism. Remember to go to bed early and don’t stress.

3. Purple-green lips – This is pretty common during the winter days but if your lips are constantly in this shade then you have a problem. This usually indicates a heart problem or respiratory issues so it’s best to go see a doctor and determine what the problem is.

4. Dark red towards black lips – when your lips are dark red leaning towards black it most probably means that your digestive system is having difficulties performing its function. We suggest to go easy on processed food and eat more foods rich in fibers which are easier to digest.

5. Dark line around your lips – if your lips look as if you’ve applied dark purple lip liner it means that your organism is out of balance. You probably feel cold and hot in the same time, which may sound odd but it happens. In this case you need to avoid eating spicy, processed food, get plenty of rest and eat healthier.



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