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August 29, 2014 should have been the happiest day in the life of Iruma Jete (34). She gave a birth to a beautiful healthy girl. She and her husband Adam (37) were all in tears of happiness when their daughter started crying for the first time and then, hours later, fortunes grew in real agony.
Due to complications with epidural anesthesia, Iruma remained paralyzed from the pelvis down, and now she lives in a wheelchair, hoping that by doing the exhausting five-hour exercises on a daily basis will help her stand on her feet.

“The delivery itself was a wonderful experience. Then I was euphoric! And when Adam cried out that we got a girl we were both in tears of happiness, “recalls Iruma, who gave birth in a hospital in London. Then she could not have dreamed that the rest of her life will pass in a wheel chair.

The first signs occurred a few hours after the delivery when the anesthesia had to give in, and she still did not feel her legs. He complained to doctors, but they told that it is quite normal and there is no need to worry. Only about five o’clock in the afternoon the next day, when Iruma still could not move his legs doctors concluded that she needed a scanner.

Iruma had an operation when she was 20 and we are talking about heart valve, and therefore doctors advised to take epidural anesthesia to reduce stress on the heart. Not opposed because it is a very common procedure where anesthesia is directly injected into the spine and almost always ended with no serious complications.

The key word “almost” is something that this young girl soon convinced.

“The doctors suddenly panicked when they saw that she still could not move and was transferred to another hospital in London,” recalls Adam. There, after a series of trials, concluded that in the placement of epidural anesthesia there was a very rare complication created when a blood clot that presses the spinal cord. Immediately transferred to the operating room and operated on to relieve the pressure.

The operation saved her life, but remained paralyzed. Today, 20 months later, she is still in a wheelchair and doing daily exercises with the hope that will again bounce back. Iruma worked as a scientist in a laboratory, but had to quit because it was impossible to continue to engage in this work in a wheel chair.

“This is a big fight. Every day I feel pain and I’m not sure enough to leave the house alone in a wheelchair. Sometimes I feel completely worthless. I have not spent a minute alone with my daughter “she tells the courageous mother. She and her husband hired a team of top lawyers who are trying to find out whether the hospital is responsible for her present state. Meanwhile Iruma is doing exercises and collecting money for a new therapy that will allow one day standing on her feet.


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