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One Herbal Shampoo That Will Give You Thick And Shiny Fast-Growing Hair

One Herbal Shampoo That Will Give You Thick And Shiny Fast-Growing Hair
We all know that women especially damage their hair during the everyday styling process. The heat from straighteners and curling irons, just as the harsh chemicals from hair dyes and styling products damage the hair shaft over time, but also damage the hair follicles.
This prevents the hair from growing normally. It causes it to look dull in the same way, but also lifeless or frizzy and unmanageable.

Most women use expensive treatments like hair conditioners and creams, but you probably know that these products are abundant in toxins which cause more damage for a very long time.

Luckily for you, this article is going to help you have a luscious and long hair with this amazing natural shampoo!

DIY Nettle Shampoo
This shampoo contains ingredients that will penetrate into your roots to heal the follicles, moisturize your hair shaft and tame the split ends from the inside out!

You’ll notice the amazing difference in several weeks!

1. Castor Oil
This oil is abundant in many antioxidants, vitamin E and ricinoleic acid, which is an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid.

Vitamin E protects your hair against the free radical damage, but also protects your hair against the harsh sunlight. This is why this vitamin is often used as a main ingredient to different skin care products.

Ricinoleic acid hydrates the scalp and hair follicles so it can prevent hair loss, as well as penetrate deep into the hair shaft to hydrate and repair your locks.

Castor oil also has antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial agents to treat common scalp conditions and reverse hair loss.

2. Nettle
Nettle is well-known that it stimulates hair growth and it also heals the damaged hair follicles. One clinical trial even managed to prove that when nettle was topically applied on a burn it demonstrated a quicker healing rate as well as an increased blood flow to the burned area.

Nettle is also commonly used in traditional medicine to treat skin conditions like psoriasis and dry skin.

3. Pantothenic Acid
Commonly known as vitamin B5, pantothenic acid binds to your hair so it can protect it from everyday damage.

It also acts as a humectant which helps the hair and nails retain their natural moisture and improve overall health and growth.

How To Make It:


● Organic nettle shampoo (500ml)
● 1-2 Tablespoons of panthenol solution
● Stinging Nettle Extract (25ml)
● 2-3 Vials Vitamin B Complex
● Castor Oil (50ml)

The ingredients are typically available at most drug stores and health food stores.


Combine all the ingredients in a glass jar with a lid and store in the refrigerator. Shake the jar and add a tablespoon of the mixture to your hair. It won’t soap up like conventional shampoos do. You’ll have to gently massage it into your scalp for 5 minutes. Rinse it thoroughly and put some natural conditioner.

Tip: Panthenol acts like a natural silicone, so rinsing your hair with a cleaning solution once a week to prevent build-up would be very good.

This shampoo is a natural product, so your hair may feel a little oily firstly. Just let your scalp adjust to it. You’ll notice visibly shinier and thicker hair within a month.

Cleansing Rinse

This cleansing rinse will help break down the buildup from hair care products that clogs hair follicles and inhibit hair growth.

Vinegar promotes shine and protects your scalp from common fungal infections.
Prepare this rinse by combining 1 cup of water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and pour it over your head whilst closing your eyes. Massage it onto your scalp and let it sit for 5 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. In order to have the best results, repeat this once a week.


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