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How To Lighten Dark Elbows Quickly And Naturally

How To Lighten Dark Elbows Quickly And Naturally
Have you noticed how the skin on your elbows is usually much darker and rougher than the rest of your body? If you have you’ve probably wondered why this happens. Well, it can be caused by a number of things. For example it can be due to a lot of friction in that area since we tend to rest on our elbows while we sit in front of the laptop or while we eat, then it can be due to excess sunlight, dry skin, the cold weather and even genetics. All of these factors can cause those dark, dry patches on your elbows, which can look pretty unappealing, especially in the summer when they’re exposed.

However, there is an easy way to get rid of these dark patches with some pretty simple home remedies and we’ll show you exactly how. Below you can find the best home remedies which will lighten your dark elbows just in time for the summer season.

Lemon juice
The key to having beautiful, soft skin on your elbows is exfoliation – it removes the layer of dead skin cells which is the key factor in the appearance of dark skin patches. Here’s how you can use lemon juice to exfoliate and lighten your elbows:

Cut one lemon in half and squeeze the juice. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar in the lemon juice and half a teaspoon of olive oil and mix it all well. Massage your elbows using circular motions for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Use the other half of the lemon to rub your elbows with it. Don’t wash your skin immediately, leave it on for 3-4 hours and wash it afterwards. Lemons have natural whitening properties which will do wonders for your dark elbows.
Dry elbow skin will become a problem of the past if you regularly use Vaseline. Immediately after you’ve showered apply a thick layer of Vaseline and wrap it with a cotton cloth. Leave it on during the night and soon you’ll notice how your skin has become softer and lighter.

If you can’t sleep like this you can also cover the elbows with plastic wrap and leave it on for an hour or so. Remove the excess Vaseline once you’re done, just don’t wash it off.

Additional advice

● Stop resting on your elbows while you’re sitting in front of your laptop or while you’re eating. This is a very bad habit which is the main cause behind the layer of dead skin cells on your elbows, making them look dirty and rough.

● Don’t shower with extra hot water. Hot water makes your skin dry and worsens the situation additionally.

● Exfoliate your elbows’ skin at least once a week with a homemade lemon and sugar scrub. Afterwards apply a moisturizer or Vaseline.

● To moisturize your skin after you’ve showered you can use almond oil, olive oil, shea butter or cocoa butter

● If your skin is unusually dry, red and irritated consult with a dermatologist to find the appropriate course of treatment.


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