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How to Get Rid of Fat Tissue (Lipoma) in a Natural Way

How to Get Rid of Fat Tissue (Lipoma) in a Natural Way
Build-ups of fatty tissues, medically known as a lipoma, usually appear on the neck and arms -- even though they can occur anywhere on the body.
The reason for these benign growths is unknown, but it is known that genetics plays a major role.  Blood lipids and obesity do not contribute to lipoma.

In order to eliminate these fatty growths while avoiding the laser removal procedure or surgery, you can try some effective natural remedies. Surgical removal does not guarantee prevention of the reoccurrence of lipomas.

This article will reveal an extremely effective natural method to get rid of lipomas, which has been recommended by dermatologists:

Honey and flour lipoma removal method

● Mix equal amounts of flour and honey, and apply their mixture on the affected area. For best results, the coating should be 0.5-1 cm thick.

● Cover the area with a napkin, cheesecloth, or a tissue in order to avoid it sticking to your clothes.

● Leave the mixture in place for a day and a half, then remove and apply another layer. You should repeat this procedure 5 times. In approximately a week, you will notice that the fat has melted under the skin.


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