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Home Remedy To Eliminate Toxins From The Body

Home Remedy To Eliminate Toxins From The Body
The colon is the body that would be able to eliminate all waste, which the body does not need, because as we all can know, is extremely important, so that its operation throughout the disposal of waste always be correct.
You must bear in mind that if the colon is not working, as it should be, can accumulate all the toxins that are harmful, that they may eventually cause, many problems in the digestive system such as constipation, syndrome irritable bowel leaky gut, as well as other problems, digestion.

So you always can keep your colon clean all the toxins and can relieve your discomfort, with all the problems of digestion, you can be done from your own home, a colon detox, that that is by consuming a juice that is detoxifying.

Then we will show you the effective detoxifying recipe for colon apple core, sea salt, ginger and lemon.


● ½ cup apple juice, which is 100% organic.
● 2 teaspoons lemon juice, which is very fresh.
● 1 Good teaspoon of ginger juice.
● ½ teaspoon sea salt.
● ½ cup of purified water, hot.

How I can prepare?

The first thing to do is put the purified water to warm in a pot without it boiling.

● Then, when the water is at a temperature that can take, you should pour water into a glass, and you must add a little salt, so you can mix it.

● Then proceed to add apple juice, ginger and fresh lemon juice then mix all ingredients.

As you must take this detoxifying drink:

We recommend, you take it 3 times per day, the first time, it is in the morning on an empty stomach completely, then at noon, before your meal, and finally the afternoon.
● You must make this effective detoxification one day, at most, for a week.

Something that should take into account is that if you are diabetic, you cannot take this juice, and if you find yourself pregnant, or suffer an illness, allergy, or simply if you are taking medication, you should consult your doctor for greater security.


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