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Caution! It Is Proven That This Soap Causes Liver Cancer!

According to this article the main antibacterial agent in these soaps is a substance called triclosan. Triclosan causes liver cancer.

This news is alarming because millions of people around the world use the antibacterial soap every day. People believe they make a useful thing with this soap. But these antibacterial soaps can cause serious harm.

A study conducted by the National Academy of Sciences in June 2014, showed that triclosan disrupts the chemical balance of the liver of the laboratory mice.

The mice who were exposed to triclosan for six months, which is equivalent to 18 human years, developed more tumors than the mice who were not exposed to triclosan than those who were not.

The researchers in this project believe that triclosan can cause liver cells to reproduce, mutate and become fibrotic.

Alternative soap selection is crucial to your health and safety.

Triclosan is so prevalent in the environment that is becoming a real problem for the human and the animal populations.

The popular belief that all germs, bacteria and parasites should be removed to ensure proper health is firmly rooted in human society, and this has proved to have a negative impact on everyone.

People who use these soaps and other products containing triclosan are particularly at risk.

These products are very popular, and most people simply take antibacterial soap without thinking about alternatives.

Exposing the lies of anti-bacterial soap-

Colleen Rogers, microbiologist Food and Drug Administration, says that antibacterial soaps are no better than regular soap in preventing diseases.

Regular hand washing is also important, but good health can be maintained with ordinary soap.

Make your soap on a natural basis with coconut oil or other essential oils. It is good to use a soap with vegetable glycerin.


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