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Are You Freezing These Foods? If You Do Stop Immediately !

There are some foods you should never freeze,as they can cause indigestion and other diseases due to a surge with bacteria.

Once food has been placed in the freezer it no longer has the same taste. We all know this. If you freeze some foods, their taste will change significantly, moreover, it will become terrible.In addition, there are some foods that you mustn’t freeze, ever.These foods can cause indigestion and other diseases due to increased bacteria.


Never freeze eggs. They can rapture and release harmful bacteria. If they break while they are in the ice, you’ll certainly not like their flavor after they defrost. The same applies to the raw and heat-treated eggs and egg-based sauces.

Foods With High Water Content

Never freeze foods such as watermelon, apples, cucumber, celery and peaches.Once you defrost them they’ll change their shape and flavor.

Dairy Products

Milk, cheese and yogurt will completely coagulate once they are frozen. The fat will be separated from the water, and the taste and the texture will become unrecognizable.

Thawed Meat And Seafood

Defrosting and re-freezing should never be done. A meat that was once thawed will pick a multitude of bacteria, and by re-freezing this meat you are giving an opportunity to the bacteria for further multiplication. As a result these bacteria will be a part of your next meal.



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