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4 Lessons Learned From Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar With Every Meal

Apple cider vinegar has, for a long time in history, been valued for its exceptional uses and benefits. This is a fermented juice obtained from crushed apples, and contains loads of minerals and vitamins, which include:
4 Lessons Learned From Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar With Every Meal

● Vitamin C
● Vitamins B1
● Vitamin B2
● Citric Acid
● Vitamin B6
● Folic acid
● Acetic Acid
● Biotin
● Niacin
● Pantothenic acid
● Pectin
● Potassium
● Phosphorous
● Iron
● Sodium
● Magnesium
● Calcium

Hence, its regular use delivers wonderful health benefits. You can include it in your various cooking recipes, to salads, and mayonnaise. You can also dilute it in your drinking water. The daily recommended intake of ACV is 1-2 tablespoons.

Furthermore, ACV is effective in treating flu and common cold, promoting weight loss, and fighting cancer. You can also use it in the treatment of scars and wounds.

Here are 4 primary reasons you should drink ACV before meals:

1. Apple cider vinegar is extremely effective in lowering blood glucose and insulin responses, which is essential for averting diabetes. Consuming 2 tablespoons of ACV before bedtime lowers fasting blood sugars by 4%.

2. Using apple cider vinegar promotes the absorption of iron from foods. The iron is the primary component of myoglobin and hemoglobin, which supply oxygen to the cells. This is significant for the burning process of calories as well as their conversion into energy.

3. Recent research shows that ACV can effectively avert cancer. A combination of baking soda and ACV creates an alkaline environment, which is unsuitable for cancer cells to survive.

4. According to several human studies, using apple cider vinegar helps you to consume low amounts of calories and burn them in a bid to convert them into energy. This way, you’ll lose excess weight.

Here are additional health  benefits of ACV:
● Relieves arthritis pain
● Soothes  the stomach
● Averts and fights infections
● Regulates high blood pressure
● Relieves and heals sunburn
● Helps in the case of sinus complications
● Improves circulation
● Treats and relieves acne
● Relieves bites and averts infections
● Relieves sore throats
● Treats vaginal infections (vaginitis)
● Slow digestion (gastroparesis)
● Alleviates leg cramps and pain
● Treats and prevents dandruff
● Combats the conditions related to shingles
● Strengthens weak bones (osteoporosis)
● Hiccups
● Tinnitus
● Peptic Ulcer
● Chronic Fatigue
● Asthma
● Ear Infection
● Cataracts
● Chicken Pox
● Dizziness
● Bladder Infection
● Acid Reflux/Indigestion Depression
● Hot Flashes
● Morning Sickness
● Insomnia
● Varicose Veins
● Nail Fungus
● Hives
● Nose Bleed
● Diarrhea
● Jelly Fish Stings
● Colds and Flu
● Eczema
● Bruising
● Food Poisoning


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