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You Can’t Sleep, Have Brittle Nails And You Are Losing Hair? Here’s What You’re Missing!

You Can’t Sleep, Have Brittle Nails And You Are Losing Hair? Here’s What You’re Missing!
Insomnia, fatigue, brittle nails and hair loss are most commonly linked to a hormonal imbalance. If you suffer from these symptoms often it’s probable that you suffer from a thyroid disorder or adrenal gland disorder since these glands are the ones responsible for the production of stress hormones and thyroid hormones. These hormones, on the other hand, are closely linked to the above mentioned problems and it goes around in a circle until you find a way to resolve the situation in your favor.
If you suspect that you suffer from a thyroid disorder or disrupted adrenal gland function you should probably consult your doctor and determine the root cause of your symptoms. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to start taking drugs or undergo therapy, there are some alternative courses of treatment you should consider before turning to conventional medicine. For example, the following natural remedy has proven to be extremely effective for the treatment of hormonal imbalances and you should try it out to see for yourself. The best thing is that it’s completely natural and has no adverse side-effects. Here’s the recipe:

● Brazilian walnuts
● Parsley leaves
● Raisins
● Honey
● Ginger

Grind the Brazilian walnuts and the parsley leaves and then add the raisins, honey and the grated ginger and mix it all together. Consume 1tbsp of the mixture every morning on an empty stomach and you’ll notice how better you’ll feel immediately.
All of these ingredients abound in vitamin B which is the key vitamin when it comes to hormonal imbalance. Regular consummation will bring things back to normal and your symptoms will soon disappear. Your hair will become stronger, your nails too and you won’t feel tired anymore. Your overall health will be improved and you’ll feel much better. Continue taking it until you feel like everything is functioning properly and nothing is out of balance.


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