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WARNING: If You Notice THIS On Your Potatoes, Throw Them Out Immediately. It Could Save Your Life…

WARNING: If You Notice THIS On Your Potatoes, Throw Them Out Immediately. It Could Save Your Life…
Even though you are trying your best to keep track of what you have in your kitchen, you probably still have a jar of spices or a can of food that has been there for a long time, sometimes maybe for years, which means well past the expiration date.

Also you have probably accidentally had a sip of milk and you know just how disgusting that can be. However even though this tastes awful, that doesn’t mean that it can kill you.
On the other hand you should know that in your kitchen there are many ticking time bombs that can really harm your health. That is why you need to carefully read this article and you must not ignore the expiration date on these products ever again. Many people think that potatoes don’t have an expiration date. They are wrong. Namely these potatoes can contain a toxin that wards of pests. This toxins is dangerous for humans. Therefore, next time, your potato turns green, throw it away immediately, because if you eat it, it can cause you problems with your nervous system.

In addition, if you notice a mold on your bread, do not just scrape off the mold, but throw the bread away immediately. What we are trying to say is that eating a moldy bread can cause you stomach problems, and it some cases it can even lead to serious health problems, such as cancer.

Also you should know, that you must never eat bad eggs. Therefore eating eggs that are not fresh can cause you stomach problems or even lead to much serious diseases, such as salmonella. There is a trick that can help you determine if the egg is good or not. Namely when the egg white and the yolk are not really separated, that means that the egg is not good and you should throw it away.
Canned goods can spoil. Therefore if their expiration date has passed, you must throw them away. At this point you should know that these canned goods in many cases carry botulism. That is why, if the can is bent or swollen, you must throw it away. Everyone knows that a wilted cucumber won’t hurt anyone. However one with “tears” on it will. What we are trying to say is that this liquid is actually a chemical of decomposition. This chemical is very dangerous for you, because it will ruin your intestinal lining.

You should know that dry spices also have an expiration date. Therefore you need to check them from time to time and if find dust on your herbs, you must throw them away immediately, because they might be infected by insects.

Next time you consume popcorn or granola, smell them first. If they smells wrong, then you must not eat them. What you need to do is believe your nose and throw them away. Namely smelly dry goods might be decomposing and they will definitely cause you astomach ache. The most common places for spoiled foods are the spice cabinets. Now let us ask you, when was the last time that you cleaned your spice cabinet? You probably cannot even remember.

At this point it is very important for you to know that you must take couple of hours of your free time every week and clean your spice cabinet. Namely you need to sort through your pantry and throw out all the dangerous items. Believe us, you will be happy that you did that. Every person should know these things. That is why it is crucial that you share this post with your friends and family and warn them about these possible dangers that hide in every kitchen!


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