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The Man Who Found a “Cure For All Diseases” Taken to Supreme Court Over Claims & Wins!

The Man Who Found a “Cure For All Diseases” Taken to Supreme Court Over Claims & Wins!
Alfredo Bowman otherwise known as Dr. Sebi, from Spanish Honduras is herbalist, biochemist, and naturalist who has been claiming to have found the cure for some of the mostly deadly diseases known to man including cancer and HIV/AIDS, diabetes, STDs and even sickle Cell.
His claims of this type have been publicly exposed when he was taken to court in 1988 by New York’s Attorney General.

The trial requirements were that the herbalist should present evidence in the form of at least a single cured patient for each of the 10 major conditions he stated to be able to cure. Not more than 10 witnesses were needed, the court was overwhelmed to witness 70 patients who were cured by the doctor. The court dropped the case by passing the ruling in the doctor’s favor.

Power of Herbal Healing
Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, emphasized the power of using herbs for curing medical conditions. Dr. Sebi also uses herbology in patients treatments.

Dr. Sebi’s methodology is all about letting the body heal itself by returning to nature. He believes that whatever ails a human being can be cured using natural alkaloid herbs combined with specially formulated vegetarian diet which he refers to as ‘electric foods.’ The main ingredients of the electric foods include greens, starch-free breads and mushrooms.

Before he created his natural herbal remedies, Dr. Sebi was cured of diabetes and obesity by a Mexican doctor using the same principes. After that, Dr. Sebi took upon him to use the herbal powers to cure various conditions.

Over the years, he has succeeded in curing everything from HIV/AIDS to anything as simple as general weakness. One of the notable cases is from 1993 when Dr.Sebi releases a medical affidavit that claimed to have cured HIV in a patient just 2 months later.

Today, Dr. Seby has thousands of patients  through the world who claim to have benefits from his natural herbal solutions.

Celebrities Treated by Dr. Sebi
Dr. Sebi has treated famous patients such as artist Lisa Lopes and pop legend Michael Jakson, who swear by his practice. He treated Lisa Lopes for severe alcoholism, smoking and professional life stress and strain. Her treatment included 40 days of fasting and special herbal treatment at the beautiful place. After the successful treatment, Lisa played a key role in talking Dr. Sebi’s name to the world.

Dr. Sebi was often seen in the company of Michael Jakson and also claimed to have helped him to fight and treat his addiction to painkillers. Siven Seagal is also said to have been one of the numerous patients of this popular herbalist.
 Here is the video where you can see the CBS report about Dr. Sebi’s practice furthermore and an interview with Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes.


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