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Flourless Bread Rolls – Ideal For Everyone Who Loves Bread And Wants To Lose Weight!

Flourless Bread Rolls – Ideal For Everyone Who Loves Bread And Wants To Lose Weight!
Bread is the ideal addition to almost any food. Almost all of us love and eat bread but, its main problem is the high carb content which can cause weight gain. If you want to enjoy a delicious sandwich without feeling guilty this article is here to present you a type of flourless bread rolls for you which is as tasty as its calorie-rich cousin!
You need:
● 3 eggs
● 100 grams of cream cheese
● Half a teaspoon of baking powder
● A pinch of salt
● Baking paper

Beat the egg whites with some salt in a bowl. Then, mix the yolks, cream cheese and baking powder in another bowl. Combine both of the mixtures by slowly mixing them in order to keep the volume.

Spread the baking paper in a pan, and put the bread rolls on it, leaving enough space between them. Bake the bread in a preheated oven at 150 degrees for 25 minutes.

After the rolls have cooled down, put them in a hermetically tight container and leave them closed overnight. They will have a completely changed shape in the morning and they’ll start to look like bread.
Bread is very soft and it’s ideal for sandwiches and gravy. For example, slice one of the rolls in half, fill it up with chicken breast, mozzarella and fresh vegetables for a healthy and delicious sandwich! Eat the bread rolls as a dessert with sweet spreads!


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