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Drink Only 3 Ingredients To Clean The Lungs

Drink Only 3 Ingredients To Clean The Lungs
For all smokers and former smokers that require thorough cleaning of the lungs, they can try this natural drink of only three ingredients, which is effective even for people who have recently stopped smoking or anyone who wants to clean their lungs naturally. If you are smoker or former smoker, then certainly your lungs are full of toxins. Smoking is widely recognized health hazard. It causes asthma, respiratory infections and there is also a big risk of cancer. That is why people perform detoxification with this drink, consisting of three vegetables: onion, ginger and turmeric.
Benefits of this drink when cleaning the lungs
The ingredients of this preparation have specific contributions, so our lungs have optimum health. But it is always recommended prior to such health care, avoiding smoking, whether active or passive smoking also leads to less sedentary lifestyle also contributes to improved respiratory health

This ancient spice is known for its medicinal properties. In addition to other uses and health benefits, ginger helps in removing the excess of mucus in the lungs.

Onion is recommended for the treatment of some lung infections and also helps with flushing the mucus and the toxins. It is particularly efficient in preventing different diseases of the respiratory ways and it is ally that cleans the respiratory ways

Turmeric or saffron India is rich in vitamins and minerals and contains omega-3 fatty acids which are perfect for the body. There are antiviral, antibacterial and anticancerogenous characteristics, so you can enrich your everyday nutrition with this spice, especially if you suffer from lung or respiratory problems.

The preparation of the drink:

To prepare this drink, you need these ingredients:
● 400 grams of onions,
● 1 liter of water,
● 400 grams of honey or organic maple syrup,
● 2 tablespoons turmeric,
● Thumb-sized piece of ginger.

Preparing the drink for clearing the lungs:
1. Add honey or organic maple syrup in water, heat the fire and let it warm up, without boiling it.
2. Cut the onions into quarters and the ginger root and add the water with honey.
3. When the mixture boils again, add turmeric and reduce the heat to the lowest.
4. Let the mixture boil until the water amount is reduced to half.
5. Then strain and pour it into a glass jar.
6. When it is completely cooled, place it in the fridge and let it stay for a couple of hours.
Take two teaspoons of this elixir every morning and in the afternoon two hours after the meal. Consult your doctor if the respiratory diseases continue.



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