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You might not think of your feet as a significant contributor towards the overall health of your body. The fact is that among external aspects, your feet are the hardest working part of your body. You can prevent, hip, knee and back pain by taking proper care of your feet.
Following are 5 exercises that will help improve your balance, help prevent pain and strengthen your feet.

Top Presses:
Before engaging in any exercise you should warm up your feet, just like any other body part. Top presses will warm up your feet. They are a low impact warm-up with a relaxing movement. Stand straight and bend your knees slightly. Use your toes to grip the floor and hold this position while counting to three. Release slowly and do 10 reps. Do this three times a day.

Toe Walking:
This exercise will help you strengthen the muscles in your toes. It will also help you strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding the balls of the feet. To do this exercise, stand on your tiptoes and walk ahead for 20 seconds. After completing the walk, take rest for about 15 seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 more times.

Ankle Circle:
The mobility and flexibility of ankles is very important. Tight and restricted ankles cause the body to compensate for the flaws, which can result in joint and muscle pain in entire body. Tight ankles may cause knee, back or hip pain.

Put your back on the floor. Extend one leg over your head. Now rotate the ankle of the extended leg in the clockwise direction. Do this ten times. Then repeat the same exercise with the same leg in the anti-clockwise direction ten times. Switch the leg and repeat.

Resisted Flexion:
You can target the small muscles in your feet with this exercise. These muscles are important in maintaining the balance. You can prevent injuries by strengthening these muscles.

You will require an exercise band to perform this exercise. Straighten your feet while sitting on the floor. Use a chair or a bedpost to wrap an exercise band around it. Then place the band on top of your feet. Remain seated on the floor and slide back. Stop when you feel tension in the band. Flex your foot backwards. Hold this position for a count to 5, release slowly. Repeat the same movement 10 times.
Toe Pencil Pickups:
This is an easy exercise and can be done almost anywhere. As the name suggests, you need a pencil for this exercise. Place the pencil on the floor, in front of you. Use your toes to grab the pencil. Elevate the pencil of the ground and hold for about 10 seconds. Drop the pencil and repeat 5 times. Repeat the same exercise with the other foot.


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