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Wash Your Face With Coconut Oil Every Day and Watch What Happens To Blemishes And Wrinkles

Wash Your Face With Coconut Oil Every Day and Watch What Happens To Blemishes And Wrinkles
Although the most of you use coconut oil as a healthy kitchen stale, you need to know that it can also be extremely useful as a skincare product.

This superior beauty product can promote the health of your skin and can be used as a substitute for all those expensive products you buy and are rich in chemicals and toxic compounds.

The coconut’s scientific name is Cocos nucifera. Numerous traditional cultures appreciate the coconut palm, as it is a source of food, as well as medicine.

Namely, it is also known as “The Tree of Life.”Its oil is a refined product, extracted from the meat or kernel of mature coconuts. The only real “unrefined” coconut oil is the one included in a fresh coconut’s meat, just picked off the coconut palm. The ‘’extra virgin oil’’ is, in fact, the least refined type of coconut oil.

This oil mainly includes saturated fats with large quantities of medium chain fatty acids, and a good percentage of the fatty acid is, in fact, lauric acid. Furthermore, it also includes vitamin E, which prevents damage to the skin due to free radicals.

The difference between coconut oil and mineral oil

You need to be aware of the fact that coconut oil and mineral oil are not the same. Coconut oil is from the coconut fruit, as we previously mentioned.

On the other hand, mineral oil is a substance with no odor or color, produced from a mineral, non-vegetable source, in most cases, from petroleum.

This oil is included in various products like ointments, baby lotions, pesticides, cosmetics, facial creams, electrical components, wood preservatives and hydraulic fluid. It has been primarily utilized as a mechanical lubricant before the invention of synthetic oils.

The biggest organ in the human body is our skin, and it eliminates toxins, together with the kidneys. Therefore, if the skin is not able to breathe, it won’t be able to perform its function, and this will have a result in the health.

Therefore, the use of mineral oil on the body may have adverse effects, since it will attract the moisture from the cells located deep in the skin, and will thus lead to damage of the connective tissue, deceleration of the cell renewal and a breakdown of collagen. In this way, the skin will prematurely age.

On the other hand, coconut oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Because it is rich in fats, it will help in the case of some skin issues, and it will prevent acne, reduce rashes and quickly heal wounds.

Due to its high anti-inflammatory properties, it will effectively soothe numerous types of skin ailments. You may think that the application of oils on the skin will lead to clogged pores and cause acne and an oily complexion.

Yet, coconut oil is a miraculous oil that does not contain water or petroleum by-products which will clog the pores.

Actually, it will soften and hydrate the skin since it penetrates deeply into the skin. Therefore, it will eliminate dirt and dead skin cells and will promote a healthy complexion.

Note that depending on your lifestyle, beauty habits and diet, at the beginning of its use, it may increase acne as it eliminates the impurities from the skin. Yet, if you continue using it regularly, it will gradually reduce acne and will eventually eliminate them.

These are the benefits of coconut oil for your skin:

Reduces Acne

Coconut oil contains fatty acids that contribute to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In this way, this miraculous oil will preserve your pores free of dirt and will reduce acne.

Moreover, it will also relieve inflammation that commonly accompanies severe acne, and will soothe the dry red skin caused by acne. It also contains vitamin E, which will prevent skin damage, due to its strong antioxidant capacity.

Note that you must combine the coconut oil treatment with proper nutrition as a method to reduce acne both, from the inside and outside of your body. In this way, you will make your skin healthy, strong and radiant.

Cleanses and Tones Skin

This amazing oil will effectively moisturize and cleanse your skin. You can also use it as a makeup remover. You need to put a bit of coconut oil on a cotton ball and gently wipe the areas to remove makeup. Afterwards, you skin will be soft and hydrated.

Soothes and Conditions Skin

It leaves the skin smooth and soft, as it is absorbed quickly. Hence, after washing your face in the morning and the evening, apply some coconut oil.  Moreover, it also has a fantastic effect on your hands and feet, and it is excellent while doing a massage.

To feel all the skin benefits of coconut oil for your face here is how to use it: You need to use a high-quality cold-pressed virgin coconut oil with a pleasant coconut smell.

How to use:
You need to wash your wash with water twice a day, in the morning and the evening, and then gently dab dry, but do not rub. Afterwards, you can apply some rosehip seed oil, but it is not necessary.

Next, lightly rub coconut oil over the face suing your fingertips. This treatment will significantly enhance the quality of your skin, leaving it smooth, radiant and hydrated.


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