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Girl Was Sick For Years Until Her Sister Asked What She Was Drinking

Girl Was Sick For Years Until Her Sister Asked What She Was Drinking
In this article we’re going to share with you the story of a young girl who became very sick out of nowhere, and you won’t believe what was causing her condition.
It was October 2001 when Rhonda’s sister started to feel very sick. Out of the blue, she woke up and started having uncontrollable muscle spasms and difficulties getting up and walking. Rhonda described her sister’s condition on her personal blog and mentioned that she had done numerous tissue and muscle biopsies to determine what’s causing it.

After all the tests and examinations, her doctors were still unable to determine what’s causing these symptoms and her family went on for weeks not knowing why the young woman was feeling so sick. Weeks later the doctors determined that Rhonda’s sister was actually suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, a very serious condition which currently is still untreatable.  The family was devastated, but Rhonda didn’t want to give up. She recalled reading an article about aspartame and its damaging effects, remembering that her sister mentioned she regularly drank diet soda. She asked her about this and got a confirmation that diet soda was actually her sister’s favorite drink. Rhonda told her sister to stop drinking it immediately!

Once the young woman stopped drinking diet soda all the symptoms miraculously disappeared and she was able to walk again without difficulties. It was determined that she actually got aspartame poisoning, which manifests through headaches, dizziness and high blood pressure. After this whole ordeal was over, Rhonda became a strong advocate against aspartame.
Rhonda’s sister got better by simply taking some prescription drugs and I believe it’s safe to assume that she won’t be drinking any diet sodas any time soon, or probably never. We’d advise you to stay clear of any drinks that contain aspartame as well if you want to keep your health in prime condition.


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