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Out of 20 People, 1 is at Risk of Colon Cancer: Here are 10 Disturbing Signs!

Out of 20 People, 1 is at Risk of Colon Cancer: Here are 10 Disturbing Signs!
According to international studies, for every 20 people, one is at serious risk of getting colon cancer. Among the risk factors are age (people older than 50 are at higher risk), genetics, obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyle, consumption of red meat and canned products.

It is critical to note early signs. Here are the most important 10:


Constipation is one of the insidious signs that you are threatened by colon cancer. According to the study published in 2004 in the European Journal of Cancer the use of laxatives brings the risk of cancer!


If your diarrhea lasts longer than a few weeks, urgently consult a doctor! The development of tumors in the intestine leads to blocking of content, which cannot be discharged.

Bloody stool

Blood in the stool is a common result of hemorrhoids that is the veins in the anus. However, if you notice dark red blood, it is very possible that it comes from the area of the colon and it is cause of malignancy. In other cases it may be a sign of a stomach ulcer.

Constant feeling that you need to use the bathroom

The existence of a foreign body, in this case the tumor, is causing the constant feeling that you have to go to the toilet. If you find this happening, but after going to the toilet there was no discharge, or have a feeling that there was no complete discharge, the next stop is the doctor’s office!

” Thin ” stool

If you feel like something is making your stool thinner, it is possible that this is a form of pressure on the colon.

Your stomach hurts when you touch it

When cancer begins to spread it can cause pain in the stomach. The sooner you see a doctor, the less it will affect other organs and metastasize.

Anemia without explanation

If blood tests show reduced number of worms blood cells, and for this there is no logical explanation. The presence of a tumor in the right side of the colon leads to a lack of iron in the blood and anemia.

Unexplained weight loss

Weight loss is a very common sign that some part of the digestive system is not functioning properly. The study of the English Royal College indicates that weight loss comes in a more advanced stage tumors.

Weakness and feeling of exhaustion

Another side effect of colon cancer is nausea and general weakness of the body. The existence of cancer is usually caused by lack of iron in the body, and therefore parts of the body do not get enough nutrients necessary for smooth functioning. There are many causes of fatigue and, therefore, you should go to a specialist and determine the exact cause.

Gases and bloating

As you can block the passage of waste particles, a tumor in the colon, can very easily lead to blockage of air, which leads to a feeling of bloating.

How to prevent the occurrence of tumors:

● Eat diet rich in nutrients, fruits, vegetables
● Avoid excess use of alcohol
● Stop smoking
● Exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week
● Stop being obese
● Go to the doctor for preventive check-ups