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Elixir Of Health: Detox Your Liver, Prevent Cancer And Regulate High Blood Pressure

Elixir Of Health: Detox Your Liver, Prevent Cancer And Regulate High Blood Pressure
Russian folk medicine considers this natural remedy to be the best alternative medicine for hypertension because it has the power to regulate high blood pressure on the long run, and it’s also very beneficial for atherosclerosis.
You’ll need the following ingredients to prepare this amazing elixir of health:

● 3 liters glass jar (if you have a clay bowl even better)
● 700gr. beets
● 2 tablespoons of flour
● 200gr. sugar
● 100gr. dry raisins


Wash the beets, chop them into small pieces and place them into the clean jar. Add the raisins, 2tbsp. flour and 200gr. sugar. Fill up the jar with cold water (previously boiled) and mix it all up. Then close the lid or even better cover it with a double layer of gauze (so that the potion can “breathe”) and store it in a warm place for 6-7 days. During this time the potion will be able to ferment.

Check the drink twice a day, stir it up and remove the excess foam if there is some. After a week strain the liquid trough the gauze and you’ll get your miracle potion. Consume 3-4 tablespoons, 3 times a day before your meals. Keep it in the fridge.

When you drink the entire amount your first detox phase is over. Take a 3 months break and repeat the treatment again. Take another 3 month break and repeat it for the third time. After a year your liver will be completely clean and toxins free.

During this cleansing period it’s possible to start noticing sand and small stones coming out which is normal, because this remedy is excellent for kidney and liver detox.

This method has even been implemented by some doctors in Kiev and Lugansk because it has proven to be highly effective for a long list of conditions, from liver and kidney cleansing, to hypertension and atherosclerosis.
Be cautious: Even though this remedy uses only natural and beneficial ingredients it can still have certain contraindications. It’s not recommended for people suffering from kidney problems, acute GI tract problems and gout problems. If you’re suffering from any of these conditions you need to consult your doctor before starting the treatment. You also need to be careful if you have low blood pressure because it can lower it even more.



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