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Cleanse Your Lungs of Toxins in 3 Days! Highly Recommended For Smokers

Cleanse Your Lungs of Toxins in 3 Days! Highly Recommended For Smokers
One of the most important organs in our body is the lungs. They supply our brain and body with oxygen. They work constantly and are exposed to all kinds of bacteria, viruses and fungi from the air we breathe.

These types of microorganisms make our lungs easily susceptible to different respiratory infections. Some of them, such as the common cold or even sinusitis, affect our upper respiratory tract while others, such as bronchitis and pneumonia, affect the lower respiratory tract. Smoking is also another thing which makes our lungs even more exposed at risk of many lung diseases. It damages our lungs and decreases their capacity by making our breathing difficult. This article will present you a 3-day regime which is consisted of 3 drinks that can solve all types of respiratory problems, such as difficulty breathing, coughing, irritability etc., but it’s particularly recommended to chain smokers.

Day 1

Drink one cup of herbal tea before you go to bed. It will help your body to flush out toxins and prevent constipation.

Day 2

Prepare a juice made of 2 lemons and a glass of warm water. Drink it before breakfast. Lemon is full of antioxidants that cleanse and strengthen your entire respiratory tract.

Day 3

Drink some carrot juice before lunch. Carrots lower the acidity in your blood, which is very important when you’re detoxifying your lungs.

You’re allowed to repeat the whole 3-day method several times in a row. You’ll be able to feel the first results in only 6 days of this treatment. You’ll breathe more easily and your coughs will decrease significantly. Breathe with clean lungs!