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Almost All The People Throw It, But It Worth The Gold! Try It And You Will See

Coffee is a favorite beverage par excellence. The first thing many people do in the morning, still half asleep, is to drink a cup of coffee. And at the same time they create garbage from the filter and they throw it away. Or so we think like that. The truth is that the black gold is invaluable. Just rub the paper for baking or put it in a flat dish and let it dry. And you can start using the coffee beans every day as we will explain in the following tricks.
Almost All The People Throw It, But It Worth The Gold! Try It And You Will See


You can make a great fertilizer from the coffee beans. The coffee is rich in nutrients and contains among others, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus; that can help the plants to grow.

Anti-cellulite remedy

Most expensive treatments against cellulite contain caffeine. Instead of buying a face cream, you can use a little oil and some coffee beans, which will provide much cheaper and much more effective alternative.


The worms love the coffee beans. Although it may sound disgusting and useless, it is really great. If you put in coffee beans in your fertilizer, you will attract many worms that form colonies which of course means to a much larger production.

For the snails

The snails hate the coffee. If you want to protect your flowerbeds, make a few coffee beans by the land and we will assure you that the snails will not visit you anymore.

For the ants

The smell of the coffee is so strong so the ant trail is blurred and they can not find the way back to the flowerbed to wreak havoc.

For the wasps

The wasps can also scent the coffee. But not enough to be placed anywhere: you have to place it in a resistant jar to fire it and pin it with a match. This will cause condensation and steam. People would not notice it and it is not harmful. This will repel the most stubborn wasp in seconds.

Cat chaser

That is not all: those who are bothered by stray cats, can spread coffee beans here and there. This will create an invisible barrier that cats do not cross.

For the hair

Your hair “says” thanks to the energy and nutrient-rich grains of the coffee and as a result will look radiant. This trick only works for types of dark hair and for this reason is even more effective.



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