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Easy And Natural Ways To Keep The Vagina Tight And Small

Easy And Natural Ways To Keep The Vagina Tight And Small
Find out if you are loose and read how to tighten up
A loose “lady part” is something embarrassing and usually affect intimate moments. Read this article and find out if your intimate and private area is considered loose. There are two ways to determine:

Insert an index and try to contract your muscles. If the muscles can’t hold your finger, you are loose
Try to insert 3 fingers down there at the same time. If you feel that there is no resistance, probably you have a loose
Do not worry if you are a “loose gal”. There are few techniques which you can practice, that successfully will tighten your muscles for a short time.

Curcuma Comosa

Make a tea of this herb that can strengthen your private part walls, but also the uterus walls, and pelvic tissues.
Oak Gall

This herbthat originates from Thai contains powerful, soothing and lubricating compounds. It will surely help you to tighten the walls of your private part.


Toimprove the elasticity and suppleness you should boil gooseberries in water. Store the potion that you made in a bottle. Apply it on your private part while you are taking a bath.