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Do Not Ignore These 5 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Full Of Toxins Which Are Making You Sick

Do Not Ignore These 5 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Full Of Toxins Which Are Making You Sick
If you look at your everyday routine and nutrition it seems like you’re following every rule in the book. You eat healthy, you exercise, you sleep enough, you drink plenty of water and still you don’t feel vibrant. You are constantly fighting the need to snooze off in the middle of the day, your stomach is acting up, you have constant headaches. So what is the problem?
These little but annoying things can get under our skin and cause a lot of discomfort in our lives. They aren’t serious enough so that you feel the need to go to the doctors but you still can’ function properly. There comes a time when you just feel like it’s the normal aging process and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Luckily for you, we’re here to tell you that it’s got nothing to do with aging and you can relax. There is something wrong with your body, you might just be exposing your body to too much toxins and it’s poisoning your organism. If you still aren’t sure whether this is true or not here are 5 telltale signs that your body if full of toxins and they are making you sick.

Feeling tired all the time

You’re getting your much needed beauty sleep every night and still get up tired in the morning? You’re feeling like you’re constantly struggling to keep your eyes open and finish even the most menial tasks? This is a sign that your body is overclocked and you need to flush out the toxins which are causing the fatigue. A high toxic load is an extra stress on your body, which can be challenging for your adrenal glands. Long-term chronic stress from a high toxic load can lead to adrenal fatigue.  Just pouring coffee down the throat and stuffing sugar in your face isn’t going to help, you will only worsen the situation.  You need to detox your body!

Bad breath

You’re brushing your teeth and flossing regularly. You’re eating breath mints and chewing gum and still have that foul odor from your mouth? This may have nothing to do with your oral hygiene but it can be connected to digestive problems. It can also be an indicator that your liver is having trouble eliminating toxins from your body.


If you have a strong reaction to scents and fragrances your body may be telling you that it’s full of toxins. It’s telling you that it’s getting too sensitive to chemicals and it doesn’t want to be around them anymore. This is a sign that your liver isn’t able to flush out the toxins in your body which is making your senses extra careful and agitated. This extra sensitivity to new smells and fragrances can often lead to headaches and nausea, and if you start experiencing smell-related nausea and headaches you should definitely detox your body.

Trouble losing weight

Losing weight is never easy and it’s very simple to say that it’s not your fault but in some cases it’s really not your fault. If you’re doing everything right, exercising regularly, eating healthy and the pounds still seem to be going up, toxins may be to blame. This can be a result of some hormonal disruption. Our normal hormonal functions can be disrupted by toxins in the food and skin and hair care product.

Muscle pain

If you are feeling unexplained muscle aches and pains it may be that the toxins in your body are working away your muscles and joints. Some toxins even stimulate the pain receptors which can lead to muscle spasms, knots, and general muscular aches and pains. If you can’t link the muscle pain to pushing yourself at the gym, and you are feeling pain on a regular basis, it’s probably your body’s way to tell you that it’s full of toxins.
If you recognized some of the above mentioned symptoms it’s time to help your body fix itself. You can try eating and drinking some naturally detoxing food and drinks such as dandelion tea, parsley, cilantro, and milk thistle. Up the water intake so that you can help your body flush out the toxins easier. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day which will get your circulation up and running and get the toxins moving towards the exit. There are probiotics which can help you with digestion like kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, miso soup, tempeh, and kimchi. Try replacing the non-organic food with 100% organic and natural food. That’s where the toxins get in your body, so try to stop them from entering in the first place. The same goes for chemical-laden skin care and hair care products. You can make your own natural cosmetics or buy trusted products which are free of fragrances, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and other potentially toxic ingredients.