When To Replace These Everyday Household Items!

When To Replace These Everyday Household Items!
Changing the household items we use every day can be pretty inconvenient but it can also be an unplanned expense. That’s why many people wait until something is broken or completely unusable before they replace it with something new.
But you need to watch out for certain household items which need to be replaced on a regular basis Experts warn that keeping certain things for too long can have a negative effect on our health. The items we use on a daily basis can easily become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria so it’s important to know how often some items need to be changed.

We’ve prepared a list of 10 household items which need regular replacing.

Scratched Teflon pans
If you notice scratches on your non-sticky Teflon pans it’s time they go to the trash. Their protective layering can fall off while you’re cooking and you’re risking ingesting the toxic materials with the food you’re cooking in them.

Your toothbrush needs to be changed regularly. Dentists recommend changing it every 2-3 months in order to avoid bacteria build up.

Make up
The mascara and eyeliner should be replaced after 3 months of use, the foundation and lipstick should be used maximum 1 year after you’ve opened them while eye shadows and compact powders can be used for two years. You need o be extra careful with make up because it can cause irritation and infection on your skin easily.

Contact lenses box
In order to reduce the risk of infections you need to buy a new box every 3 months.
Kitchen sponge
Research shows that the kitchen sponge can be 200.000 times dirtier that the toilet bowl. Before you start feeling sick at this notion, just remember that all you need to do is change it regularly. Buy a new sponge every 2-3 weeks and wash the sponge after you’ve finished washing the dishes. Dishwashing brushes are much more hygienic because they can be cleaned and dried easier so if you find them practical you can forget about the sponge and start doing the dishes with a brush.

Toilet bowl brushes
Even though regular replacement of this item is implied still you need to be careful to do it often. Some believe it’s time to replace it when it starts changing its color, other believe it should be done every 6 months. It all depends on how often you use it.

Plastic food containers
Even though they were made to last for a really long time you need to check your cupboards for pre 2010 plastic containers. If you have some it’s time to throw them away. Plastic containers made before 2010 contain BPA, a chemical which can cause a hormonal imbalance and it can penetrate the food as the plastic ages or gets heated.

It’s recommended to change pillows every 2 years because old pillows can easily get bacteria, dead skin and bed mites inside. Still, if you wash and dust the pillows regularly and if you use protective covers you won’t need to change them as often. But be careful, if the pillow starts changing shape and you feel it doesn’t provide proper support to your neck and head it’s time to change it.

Water filters
The water filter must be regularly replaced every 2 months. Old and contaminated filters aside from not filtering the water they can cause the water to become even more toxic then the regular tap water.
Running shoes
You need to change the running shoes every 800km you run. Running with worn out shoes can damage your foot and ankle.


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