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Want an Eye Lift Without Surgery? You’ll Need 2 Minutes Only! Here is how!

Want an Eye Lift Without Surgery? You’ll Need 2 Minutes Only! Here is how!
With aging a lot of changes occur, but women are mostly concerned by the facial changes as the years pass by, lines appear on our face and as well as wrinkles. The skin loses its elasticity and is no longer tight as before. Inevitably, the first signs of aging appear in the eye area.
What is happening? The muscles and tissues around the eyes loose over time because the production of collagen decreases significantly with age.

Furthermore, the fat and fluids are reduced in the lower eyelids because the skin under the eyes is delicate, as it loses elasticity and becomes thinner.

As a result, your eyes are starting to look swollen and dark circles appear, so they look older than they really are.

Unlike aging which is a natural process, there are other factors that contribute to drooping or swollen eyelids. For example, when people suffer from hormonal changes, insomnia or stress inevitably results in dropping eyelids.
Also, many habits such as drinking and smoking can lead to premature aging. Last but not least, your genetics also plays a major role.

Aside from a weary look you get from dropping eyelids, the weakness of the eye muscles can prevent you from keeping your eyes open. Plus, putting make-up is more difficult than usual. It is harder to apply the eyeliner and eye shadow when the skin is loosened.

Fortunately, there is a simple homemade recipe that can effectively prevent this common aesthetic problem.


■ 1 egg white
■ 1cotton ball

■ First clean the eyelids from the make-up.
■ Soak the cotton ball in the egg white.
■ Close your eyelid and gently apply the egg white on your eyelid.
■ Keep your eyes closed, while the egg white is dried.
■ You can use a hair dryer to speed up the process.



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