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THIS IS THE REAL CAUSE OF CANCER? The Discovery that Shocked Cancer Patients All Over the World!

A new study of American scientists showed that most tumors are not  linked with unhealthy lifestyle and a poor diet, or are the result of genetic heritage. Most people suffering from prostate cancer simply had bad luck as the scientists confirmed that two-thirds of tumors occurred as a result of mere coincidence.
The study also showed that the irregular mutations, which occur in the DNA when two cells divide, are completely without control, and no food or environment have influence on these mutations.

Only one-third of tumors occur as a result of: the environment in which we live, diet, lifestyle or genetic heritage. However, scientists warn that unhealthy lifestyle can have influence on “the risk factor “

The more often the cells divide, the more likely is that there will be irregular mutation, or that some errors will occur.

- All cancers are caused by a combination of unfortunate circumstances, environment and heritage – claims Professor Bert Vogelsahn from the medical Johns Hopkins University.
- We have found that the lung cancer and skin cancer are mostly affected by the lifestyle – warned Vogelstajn.

Study, published in the journal Science argues that the only way to efficiently fight against the majority of cancers is by early detection of the disease, when tumors are curable or can be completely removed by surgery.

People who despite poor living habits such as smoking live to a ripe old age,haven’t got good genes, but they are really lucky – concludes the study.